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gv 3.7.3 released

Item posted by Markus Steinborn <msteinbo> on Fri 02 Dec 2011 02:34:28 PM UTC.

I am pleased to announce that GNU gv 3.7.3 has just been released. It is available for download in the GNU ftp,

Changes in this version:

# Updated Translations (imported new version from the translators repository)

? Reverted fix of debian bug #594991: unexpected scrolling of the TOC widget",
this fixes the following bug:
# Pressng END does not scroll TOC wodget.

# Fixed "Save document" dialog for PDF files

# Fix debian bug 627471: gv: fails to read bounding box (depending on the
command line!), see for details

# ignore resource and style files without absolute paths
(in order to improve security)

# Do not install files that re not used

# avoid make distcheck failing because of gv-i18n.h

  • Update gnulib, import signal,

# this should fix compiling on Mac OS again

  • Improved handling of DSC parse errors
  • Varuos code cleanups - for details see either CHANGELOG or the git repotory.

Markus Steinborn

GNU Maintainer for gv
December 2nd, 2011

Updated: December 5th, 2011

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