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RCS 5.7.98 (pretest for 5.8) available

Item posted by Thien-Thi Nguyen <ttn> on Mon Aug 8 11:17:25 2011.

The ninth pretest release of GNU RCS (Revision Control System) is available at: <>.

NEWS summary since 5.7.97:

  • dist fix: include GFDL in tarball
  • work around a Solaris compiler problem
  • make ISR (sigstack setup) more portable (MirBSD)
  • (maint) enable "conditional dependencies" in gnulib
  • misc small tweaks

Also, a strange stdio bug appeared after a gnulib update and disappeared after another, several months later. Then it (or something similar) returned, after another, and then once again disappeared, after another. Throughout, my attempts at debugging were stymied by ignorance and sloth (the usual suspects). This is the primary reason this release is so long in coming. In any case, let's hope this is the last one before the actual 5.8 (fingers crossed)...


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