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RCS 5.7.96 (pretest for 5.8) available

Item posted by Thien-Thi Nguyen <ttn> on Mon 10 Jan 2011 05:35:37 PM UTC.

The seventh pretest release of GNU RCS (Revision Control System)
is available at:

NEWS summary since 5.7.95:

  • new "upward-compatible escape" field in RCS file grammar
  • portability fixes
    • new configure arg vars
      • ‘SOELIM’ to specify soelim(1)
      • ‘PIC’ to specify pic(1) command
    • in testing
      • use ‘id -un’ instead of ‘who am i’
      • avoid ‘\n’ in replacement portion of sed(1) ‘s’ command

Additionally, we now use hydra for continuous builds:

NB: The current "Failed" for i686-darwin (from second link)
is due to resource constraints in hydra configuration, i.e.,
"error: unable to start any build" from:

rather than a problem with RCS itself; the i686-darwin build
succeeded a couple days ago and will probably sort itself out
sooner or later.

I hope people will join those listed in THANKS, using the
testing support, to flush out problems prior to the 5.8
release. Please send bug reports to bug-rcs (at gnu, etc).



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