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GNU RCS 5.7.94 (pretest for 5.8) available

Item posted by Thien-Thi Nguyen <ttn> on Mon 08 Nov 2010 01:48:06 PM UTC.

RCS 5.7.94 (pretest for 5.8) available

The fifth pretest release of GNU RCS (Revision Control System)
is available at:

NEWS summary since 5.7.93:

  • "make check" (testing) revamped; see tests/README
  • bugfixes
    • configuration and build
      • check for and use <siginfo.h>, <ucontext.h>
      • loop on diff(1) candidates sanity check
      • interpret empty ‘ac_cv_prog_cc_c99’ correctly
    • various dynamic memory (mis)manglement blunders
    • maintain delta tree branches in "file order"
    • low-memory (forced stdio) editing
  • new configure options re mmap(2) and setuid operation
  • doc improvements
  • more gnulib modules used: findprog, mkstemp, getcwd, waitpid, getlogin_r, sigaction, strsignal, tzset
  • use latest INSTALL, build-aux/* files
  • latest autoconf, gnulib, etc.

The first item ("make check" revamped) is most pertinent for
this release. Although the test suite is still incomplete, it
is now much easier to figure out what goes where, add tests,
and run them. You can even "make check" on an installed (5.7)
set of RCS commands.

I hope people will join those listed in THANKS, using the new
testing support, to flush out even more problems prior to the
5.8 release. Please send bug reports to bug-rcs (at gnu, etc).



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