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Noteworthy changes in release 2010.06.04 [beta]

Item posted by Peter Simons <simons> on Tue 26 Oct 2010 11:31:02 AM UTC.

The Autoconf Archive has been declared an official GNU project. Consequently, the web site has moved from to Old addresses remain valid for the foreseeable future, though.

AX_BOOST_DATE_TIME and AX_BOOST_FILESYSTEM have been patched to function correctly on systems that use "dash" as the system shell (i.e. Debian).

AX_PTHREAD has been fixed to provide the "-pthreads" flag on 10.6 OS X systems.

Fixed use of $EXEEXT in AX_CHECK_JAVA_HOME, AX_PROG_JAVA, AX_PROG_JAVA_WORKS, AX_PROG_JAVAC, and AX_PROG_JAVADOC. Further details can be found at

AX_LIB_LIBKML, a macro to detect Google's libkml library, has been added. See for further details.

AX_PREFIX_CONFIG_H has been bug-fixed to avoid generating extraneous spaces that would break prefixed macros.

AX_F90_MODULE_FLAG has been bug-fixed with regard to the Compaq Alpha Fortran compiler.

A typo in the code of AX_PYTHON_EMBED has been fixed that resulted in the function AX_PYTHON_INSIST being undefined.

The new AX_LIB_HDF5 macro provides functionality to detect the HDF5 library.

The version detection code in AX_PKG_SWIG has been fixed. Previous versions of this macro would fail to accept SWIG 2.0 where SWIG >= 1.3.x was requested.


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