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GNU packages looking for maintainers

Item posted by Karl Berry <karl> on Sun 23 May 2010 05:42:30 PM UTC.

I thought I'd post the current list of GNU
packages looking for maintainers in this channel
too, hopefully reaching some different people than
its other incarnations:

alive - auto login and keep-alive daemon
dr-geo - interactive work with geometric figures
fontutils - font conversion and processing utilities
gift, snakecharmer - image lookup, query by example
gleem - Java/C++ library of 3d widgets
gnatsweb - web interface for the gnats bug database
gnushogi - the game
goldwater - enterprise middleware
halifax - fax software
oleo - curses-based spreadsheet
pgccfd - the document "Porting GCC for Dunces"
polyxmass - mass spectrometry
quickthreads - low-level toolkit for building threads packages
rpge - role-playing game engine
sather - object-oriented language
vmslib - porting GNU packages to VMS

See the web pages at for more

In many cases, the authors/previous maintainers
are still around and willing to answer questions
or otherwise help.

If you're interested in any of these, please
review the general information about GNU packages
and being a GNU maintainer at
and then email with a bit
about your background and interest in the
particular project.  Thanks.

Add GNU Common Lisp? (posted by Andrew Fabbro, Mon 02 Aug 2010 04:00:10 AM UTC)

Is GNU Common Lisp leaderless?  I don't think any bugfixes or other work has been done on it in many years...



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