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wdiff 0.6.1 released

Item posted by Martin von Gagern <gagern> on Thu Apr 1 08:26:33 2010.

This release fixes a bug with the info directory information, reported by Gentoo at and causing error messages from install-info: START-INFO-DIR-ENTRY without matching END-INFO-DIR-ENTRY

It also introduces a new configure switch, --with-default-pager=PATH, allowing the specification of a fallback pager application to be used for --auto-pager mode if the PAGER environment variable is unset.

Furthermore, if the pager is a symlink to less, that fact is now detected and causes automatic activation of --less-mode. In 0.6.0 less was auto-detected only if the pager was no symlink, or if the symlink itself was called less as well.


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