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GNU Libidn 1.18

Item posted by Simon Josefsson <jas> on Mon 15 Feb 2010 11:21:19 PM UTC.

The full announcement is here:

    • libidn: Fix symbol export problem for a few variables.

Applications (that use these rarely used variables) built against
versions before 1.13 did not work with libidn versions 1.13 to 1.16.

Symbol versioning was introduced in version 1.13 but by accident some symbols that were visible before that release were not exported, and the consequence was that those symbols were not available in version 1.13 to 1.16. This release fixes the problem, so the symbols are visible again, making this release backwards compatible with all earlier releases.

The affected symbols are the following variables:
stringprep_iscsi_prohibit, stringprep_rfc3454_A_1,
stringprep_rfc3454_B_1, stringprep_rfc3454_B_2,
stringprep_rfc3454_B_3, stringprep_rfc3454_C_1_1,
stringprep_rfc3454_C_1_2, stringprep_rfc3454_C_2_1,
stringprep_rfc3454_C_2_2, stringprep_rfc3454_C_3,
stringprep_rfc3454_C_4, stringprep_rfc3454_C_5,
stringprep_rfc3454_C_6, stringprep_rfc3454_C_7,
stringprep_rfc3454_C_8, stringprep_rfc3454_C_9,
stringprep_rfc3454_D_1, stringprep_rfc3454_D_2,

Thanks to Marco d'Itri <> for reporting
<> that led to discovering this problem.

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