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Inetutils 1.6 posted by gray, Sat Dec 27 21:42:48 2008 - 0 replies
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Inetutils 1.6

Item posted by Sergey Poznyakoff <gray> on Sat Dec 27 21:42:48 2008.

GNU inetutils version 1.6 is available from New in this version:

  • Various bugs fixes and clean ups.
  • hostname, traceroute

New programs.

  • ping and ping6 now exit after four packets instead of pinging forever.

The previous behaviour can be enabled by passing `--count 0' to ping (or ping6).

  • telnet now delays initialization of Shishi until Kerberos is needed
  • inetd

The configuration file syntax has been extended to allow for supplying local addresses `inetd' should use when listening for a given service. The addresses may be specified on a per-server basis as well as globally (affecting several services).

It is possible to limit the number of service instances for `nowait' services.


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