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GNU Scientific Library - test release 1.11.90

Item posted by -Deleted Account- <bjg> on Tue 09 Dec 2008 11:10:11 PM UTC.

There is a test release for gsl-1.12 at

Please try it out and report any problems to the bug-gsl AT mailing list.  Thanks.  I've upgraded libtool, autoconf and automake to the latest versions.  Other changes from the NEWS file are below.

Brian Gough

  • Upgraded to latest libtool, autoconf and automake (libtool-2.2.6, autoconf-2.63, automake-1.10.2)

  • Improved the convergence of gsl_sf_gamma_inc_P for x/a ~=~ 1 and large x,a.  Fixes problems with large arguments in cdf functions such as gsl_cdf_chisq_Pinv(x,nu) [bug 24704].

  • Fixed gsl_ran_gamma_knuth to handle the case of a >= UINT_MAX [bug #24897]

  • Added gsl_bspline_eval_deriv to compute bspline derivatives (Rhys Ulerich)

  • Added a faster simplex mininimser gsl_multimin_fminimizer_nmsimplex2 which is O(N) instead of O(N^2) [bug #24418]

  • Improved the original chi-squared formula in gsl_monte_vegas to avoid catastrophic cancellation [bug #24510].  The previous formula could return incorrect or negative values for relative errors < 1e-8, which could occur when integrating very smooth functions.

  • Added new auxiliary functions gsl_cheb_order, gsl_cheb_size, gsl_cheb_coeffs for Chebyshev series [bug #21830]

  • Updated license of the reference manual to GNU FDL version 1.3.

  • Fixed a bug where the gsl_isinf function would return +1 for -Inf on systems where isinf(-Inf) returns the non-standard value +1.  [bug #24489]

  • Added missing functions gsl_vector_complex_{isnonneg,add,sub,mul, div,scale,add_constant} and gsl_matrix_complex_float_isnonneg [bug #22478]

  • Cross compilation should now work for x86 hosts.

  • Fixed a bug in gsl_interp_accel_find() where values lying on the upper boundary between interpolation points could return the index from the lower side. [bug #24211]

  • Fixed gsl_linalg_solve_cyc_tridiag so that its output respects the solution vector's stride. Previously the x_stride value was ignored causing the output to be incorrect for non-unit stride. [bug #24162]

  • Corrected a bug in the series calculation of gsl_sf_ellint_Kcomp for k close to 1. [bug #24146]

  • Extended gsl_linalg_QRPT_update to handle rectangular matrices.  Corrected definition of the update formula in the manual for both gsl_linalg_QR_update and gsl_linalg_QRPT_update.

  • Added routine gsl_linalg_cholesky_invert

  • Fixed a bug the simplex algorithm which caused the second highest point to be incorrectly equal to the first when the first value was the highest, which could cause suboptimal convergence. [bug #23192]

  • Fixed a problem with convergence for inverse gamma and chisq distribitions, gsl_cdf_gamma_{P,Q}inv and gsl_cdf_chisq_{P,Q}inv.  [bug #23101]

  • Improved the handling of constant regions in Vegas by eliminating spurious excess precision when computing box variances.

  • Fixed a potential division by zero in gsl_monte_miser when the left/right weight factors decrease below 1.

  • Fixed incorrect dimensions check in gsl_matrix_sub{row,column}


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