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FreeIPMI 0.7.3 Released

Item posted by Albert Chu <chu11> on Tue 02 Dec 2008 01:10:17 AM UTC.

0.7.3 - 12/01/08
o Add workaround into ipmi-sensors and ipmi-sensors-config for
motherboards that do not support the Get Sensor Thresholds command.
o Output 'NA' on sensors in ipmi-sensors and ipmimonitoring that have
sensor scanning disabled. In libipmimonitoring, appropriately handle
sensors with sensor scanning disabled and return 'unreadable sensor'.
o Add the following ipmimonitoring/libipmimonitoring interpretations.
Power Unit Device Installation
Fan Transition Availability
Power Supply State
Drive Slot State
Drive Slot Predictive Failure
System ACPI Power State
Button Switch
Button Switch State
Entity Presence Device Install
Processor State
o Fix typos in macro names and string names for sensor types to
accurately coincide with IPMI specification. May lead to slightly
different inputs/outputs in ipmi-sensors and pef-config. Altered
strings include:
"Platform Chassis Intrusion" -> "Physical Security"
"Platform Security Violation" -> "Platform Security Violation Attempt"
"Post Memory Resize" -> "POST Memory Resize"
"System Firmware" -> "System Firmware Progress"
"Button" -> "Button/Switch"
"Microcontroller" -> "Microcontroller/Coprocessor"
"Cable Interconnect" -> "Cable/Interconnect"
"Slot Connector" -> "Slot/Connector"
"ACPI Power State" -> "System ACPI Power State"
"Monitor Asic" -> "Monitor ASIC/IC"
o Fix ipmi-sensors non-recoverable threshold output corner case.
o Fix ipmi-sensors group selection corner cases.
o Fix ipmiconsole workarounds command line parse corner case.
o Fix ipmi-sel/libfreeipmi event data output corner cases.
o Use a reservation ID on all SEL entry operations to workaround
some manufacturer compliance issues.
o Fix config option names in ipmimonitoring/libipmimonitoring.
o Add forgotten bitmask flags in libipmimonitoring.
o In ipmi-sensors default output, output non-recoverable or
non-critical thresholds if both non-critical thresholds are not
o Remove unused libfreeipmi workaround flags/macros. Contain tool
specific workaround flags within tools.
o Optionally output auxiliary information in bmc-info.
o Add ipmi_monitoring_sensors.conf.5 manpage.
o Various documentation updates.


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