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Automake 1.10.2 released

Item posted by Ralf Wildenhues <rwild> on Sun 23 Nov 2008 12:57:20 PM UTC.

Automake 1.10.2 has been released. This is a point release from the stable branch-1-10, and has only a few bug fixes over 1.10.1, and updated external files. Upgrading from 1.10.1 should be a complete no-brainer. See the NEWS excerpt below for details.

Download release tarballs here:

Please send reports to <>.

Thanks to everyone who has already reported problems, posted patches, and helps testing Automake.

NEWS excerpt:
New in 1.10.2.

- Nothing new.

Bugs fixed in 1.10.2.

  • Long standing bugs:

- Rebuild rules now also work for a removed `subdir/' in an otherwise up to date tree.

- Work around AIX sh quoting issue in AC_PROG_CC_C_O, leading to unnecessary use of the `compile' script.

- `config.status --file=Makefile depfiles' now also works with the extra quoting used internally by Autoconf 2.62 and newer (it used to work only without the `--file=' bit).

  • Bugs introduced by 1.10.1:

- None known.

  • Changes to Libtool support:

- distcheck works with Libtool 2.x even when LT_OUTPUT is used, as is removed correctly now.

  • Miscellaneous changes:

- The manual is now distributed under the terms of the GNU FDL 1.3.

- When `automake --add-missing' causes the COPYING file to be installed, it will also warn that the license file should be added to source control.

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