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gv released

Item posted by Markus Steinborn <msteinbo> on Sun Aug 10 06:28:49 2008.

I am pleased to announce that GNU gv has been released today. It is available for download in the GNU ftp, .

Changes in this version:

# the current coordinate can be saved to a file by the z resp. the u key. See for details.

# The return key now scrolls through the whole document vertically. Unlike the space key no horizontal scrolling is performed. The old function of the return key is still available through the "Page Down" and the "f" key.

# .ad and .dat files are installed to $PREFIX/share/gv

# "ERROR:" and "error:" now also trigger the info popup in error mode

# Xinerama support. It can be configured by the "xinerama"-resource. Its values can be "On", "Off" or "Auto". "Auto" is the default.

# New helper Script "gv-update-userconfig", which is a simple script to update an .gv config file to the current version of gv.

# Should build on Solaris now using sun studio 11 compiler

Markus Steinborn

GNU Maintainer for gv
August 10th, 2008


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