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gv 3.6.3 released

Item posted by Jose E. Marchesi <jemarch> on Fri 29 Jun 2007 06:42:29 PM UTC.

I am pleased to announce that GNU gv 3.6.3 has been released today. It
is available for download in the GNU ftp,

Changes in this version:

# gv is now able to work with latest ghostscript: gs 8.57

# gv is now able to correctly understand DocumentMedia and other DSC
directives that uses postscript strings. It was not possible with
previous versions due to a bug in the postscript names scanning

# The bug causing the version not to figure in the manual has been

# The SIGINT signal is now masked (ignored) by gv.

# gv no more segfaults when reading a configuration file as produced by=
State -> Setup Options -> Save

# gv should compile in non-GNU system that doesnt have glib2. The
`getopt' gnulib module has been imported to fix this.

# gv now correctly adjust the page index window after PAGE-UP and
PAGE-DOWN events.

# gv is now able to open files with minus character beginning

# X resources related bugs has been fixed. gv is now able to get
resources from the display database, user file, gv system database
and command line doing the Right Thing (TM).

  • Vulnerability CVE-2006-5864 has been fixed.
  • gs is now invoked with `-dFIXEDMEDIA'
  • The internal gettext implementation has been renamed to `ps=5Fgettext=

to avoid collisions with the builtin `gettext' function.

  • --quiet and --noquiet now works as expected.

See the `NEWS' file in the distribution for more information.

José E. Marchesi

GNU Maintainer for gv

29 - June - 2007

blog (posted by blogspot, Thu 03 Jul 2008 06:48:04 AM UTC)



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