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AROUNDMe version 1.1 released!

Item posted by tom calthrop <barnraiser> on Fri 29 Jun 2007 04:34:17 PM UTC.

Barnraiser is very happy to announce the release of AROUNDMe version 1.0; the perfect solution for anyone wishing to create a collaborative social space on the Web.

You can think of AROUNDMe as a MySpace / Ning clone, but using OpenID. With AROUNDMe you can create one or many webspaces (web sites). In each webspace you get tools such as a wiki, blog and forum from which you can build your social space!

In this release
We have added RSS feeds for comments so that you can track any activity within a webspace.
We have added a simple stylesheet selector so that you can change the look of your webspace easily.
We have upgraded the license from GPL version 2.0 to the new GPL version 3.0.
We have added a simple add button under each listing to simplify the adding of content.

Bug fixes
Details of each bug tracked can be found under the support section of Savannah.

#105922 Inviting people does not give them default permissions
#105917 Archived blog items still show as default item
#105916 RSS feed ordered incorrectly
#105903 Deleting webblocks
#105899 RSS feed hard coded to English
#105898 Incorrect invite display on open webspaces
#105896 Chinese characters and bad date display

AROUNDMe is a GNU package licensed under the General Public License (GPL). Further information including download from

Barnraiser would like to thank the Free Software Foundation team for their work in releasing the GPL 3.0 license. More information can be found at

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