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New release: GNU ghostscript 8.56.0

Item posted by Didier LINK <Arabidopsis> on Tue 08 May 2007 09:11:46 AM UTC.

I'm pleased to announce the availability of a new GNU Ghostscript
release: gnu-ghostscript-8.56.0.

This release is an adaptation of GPL Ghostscript version 8.56, with
changes to make it compliant with GNU standards and policies. It is
available from the GNU Ghostscript project page:

This release include many bugs fixed over GNU Ghostscript 8.55, add DMP
printer drivers and ppds (thanks to Sahaya Darcius) and append a patch
number to package version to avoid confusion with GPL release.

This list is from the 8.56 GPL version released by Artifex Software,
Inc. and artofcode LLC :

* numerous bug fixes and improvements
* comformance with the Quality Logic CET suite for Postscript has
been improved, a special '' prefix file can be sent with a job
to produce output closer to that of the reference implementation

Enjoy !

Didier Link

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