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GNU MDK 1.2.3 released

Item posted by Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz <jao> on Thu 17 Aug 2006 02:03:53 PM UTC.

GNU MDK 1.2.3 has been released.

** GUI improvements:

   - The external programs dialog has been revamped:
     - Only proper paths can be introduced for the executables (via a
       graphical file chooser).
     - Flags for mixasm are no longer free text, but a check button.

   - Configurable toolbars (icons, text or both).
   - Attach/detach buttons in main toolbar are only active when

   - Missing toolbar tooltips added.
   - 'About' dialog cleaned up.

** Supported platforms:

   - Fixed compilation for Darwin (thanks to Aleix Conchillo).
   - Fixed compilation for 64-bit archs (thanks to Baruch Even).

Happy hacking!


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