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2.03 Released

Item posted by Henrik Sandklef <hesa> on Mon 02 Jan 2006 11:07:44 PM UTC.

New features:
   * Handy shell functions for Xnee primitives
   * Example shell script added


Build changes:

   * autotools/* added to all

   * Makefile.xnee updated to build gnee (not only libxnee
     and cnee). This is an alternative Makefile if user
     don't want to use configure
     && make

   * Added share to dirs to build a Makefile for

   * Examples and handy shell scripts added to dist
     All files are installed to .../share/Xnee/

Bugs fixed:

    * Memory leaks in libxnee found and fixed

    * Using grab key in gnee twice works causes hanging of X

Command line options changes:

Minor updates

     * libxnee/test/libtest.c updated to test grabbing of keys.

     * doc/xnee_example.texi updated with shell script info

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