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What ecmascript engine?

Item posted by R. S. Doiel <rsdoiel> on Fri 18 Nov 2005 08:14:24 PM UTC.

I've started playing around with SpiderMonkey for a Javascript engine.  Much better packaged then it used to be.  I might go with this instead of ngs-js since it is being actively maintained.  What I need to evaluate:

  • How does this compare or complicate things when embedding both a js engine and guile?
  • Do I have the xml processing happen in the embedded script engine or the main shell?

Since the thing I could really use right now is something that translates MusicXML files output from Finale into ABC it makes sense to focus on this feature first.  Combining SpiderMonkey with a libxml wrapper would make it very easy to implement.  Might also simplify ABC to MusicXML output since I already have a Javascript prototype from Phiz web app framework project.

Need to think about this more.

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