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Hey there all you Lizard Fans.

Item posted by Ray Dryden <mastrlynx> on Sun 02 Oct 2005 10:01:45 AM UTC.

What's GNU?

Nothing yet. Just didn't want any possible assistants to think I was gone. Lots going on. Much to do. No help.

You know GNU like the 'back of your hand'? Jump on board, a wedding of GNU/LinuX and MoZilla...will be a monster, not a myth.


Ray Dryden
GNUzilla Mechanics
& Maintenance Club
call me: 573.754.4036

GNUzilla mechanics

p.s. - I should have the trees moved to Savannah for a first release build analysis within the next 30 days. ::MastrLynX::


anal (posted by mihail, Mon 14 Apr 2008 04:39:32 PM UTC)

anal and strap-on fucking



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