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1.08.97 released

Item posted by Henrik Sandklef <hesa> on Thu Feb 3 16:11:49 2005.

New features since in 1.08
gnee - a GUI frontend to libxnee
script input - you can now write simple replayable scripts

You can find it here:

Removed command line options:
--binary, -b
--err, -e <file_name>
--human-printouts, -hp
--loops <n>, -l
--no-expose, -ne
--out, -o <file_name>
--resource ,-r <file_name>
--retype, -rt

New command lines options:
--data-to-record <n>, -dtr
--err-file, -e <file_name>
--events-to-record <n>, -etr
--exec-key mod,key, -ek
--exec-program s, -ep
--feedback-none, -fn
--feedback-stderr, -fs
--feedback-xosd, -fx
--human-printout, -hp
--no-sync, -ns
--out-file, -o <file_name>
--print-error-name, -pern <er>
--project ,-pr <file_name>
--retype-file, -rtf
--seconds-to-record <n>, -str
--text, -t
--store-mouse-pos, -smp


Xnee-1.08.97 is useable for my system (posted by Dirk Kaplick, Fri Feb 4 09:46:06 2005)

Hi Henrik,

i have to say, thank you very much for your changes in xnee.

The Xnee - Package from release Xnee-1.08.97 is not complete useable for me (gnee isn't working correctly) but the commandline-tool cnee is very well working on my 6 Display - System.
Well done :-)

I was recording first only mouse- and keyboard-events.
The replayed events were correct :-)

While recording all events i got problems with synchronisation while replaying them.
Cnee brakes very fast with message "Nothing to synchronise ..."
May be, i did mistakes while recording with bad or not optimaly parameters for cnee. I don't know.
My problem is, that i don't know every available x-event in its function.

Now i can run automated tests on our system first with the command line tool cnee :-)
Its enough for the moment for me.

Thanks a lot.



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