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aroundme version 0.4.2 released

Item posted by tom calthrop <barnraiser> on Mon Jan 31 09:22:03 2005.

We are very happy to announce the release of aroundme version 0.4.2.

In this release:
We have added several new features including basic RSS feed functionality and a group files gallery.

Bug fixes:
Welcome page spelling error (welcoem) corrected.
#103757 - Socialnetwork.class.php network count fixed.
#103788 - shoutbox array echo removed.
User blog edit now fixed.
User profile statistics fixed.
Network can no longer be set in membership if user does not have ACS privileges.
The most recent versions of Internet Explorer for Windows tends to flummox text with a font-size less than 1em ("0.5em", for instance). We use this as it allows accessibility for disabled users, hence all templates have been changes to get around this IE issue
Adding a user library fixed.
Fixed IM display for system messages (they were not showing as their was no profile - SQL changed).
Hidden group type now displays in template.
If user does not have ACS privilege for 'shout' the shout button is removed from menu.
Blog group comments now list correctly.
You can now add friends that are already in your network.
Newest friends now show in my overview page
Comments link now added in my overview page
Library create date now formatted correctly
Only user roles now appear in node user role dropdown menu group home page now only shows content if you have privilege.
Setup blank screen error fixed.

Please note: the numbers refer to our support tracking numbers at
Savannah (

Download from or see the demo at


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