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Testers wanted for gv

Item posted by Jose E. Marchesi <jemarch> on Mon 15 Nov 2004 11:19:41 PM UTC.

 gv, the postscript and PDF viewer, is maintained again.

The gv maintainer is preparing a new release: gv 3.6.0 (this will be the first release since 1997!).

The package has been made up-to-date for use GNU technologies such as Autotools and pretty texinfo documentation. Some bugs has been fixed, also.

Now it is time for testing the modifications in order to release the new version.

What is needed is pretty simple: just checkout a copy of gv from the CVS (quick instructions below), compile it and use it to view your ps and pdf files for a days! If you find a bug, report it using the bug tracker on the gv savannah page.

gv homepage:
gv savannah page:
getting gv: cvs -d co gv

Many thanks! -- Jose E. Marchesi

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