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GNU FreeIPMI 0.1.0-aplha6 (final) RELEASE

Item posted by Anand Babu <ab> on Sat Aug 21 00:47:58 2004.

GNU FreeIPMI 0.1.0-aplha6 (final) RELEASE:

Whats New:
- Entire project is restructured under one single tree with a cleaner
build system (Thanks to Ian)
- New additions from LLNL team (Thanks to Robin, Jim and Al)
* bmc-watchdog, ipmipower, rmcp-ping, ipmi-ping
- bmc-config rewrite (much better now) (Thanks to Bala)
- sel hex dump support (Thanks to Ian)
- sensors: use threshold masks to filter out non readable fields and
let the status calculation logic to BMC.
- And numerous bug fixes

Though we call it Aplha6, FreeIPMI is already put to use at many
production sites. Hopefully in a month (after finishing texinfo
documentation) we will make the first official 0.1.0 release and
move to

Thanks to Additional Contributors:
- Robin Goldstone (LLNL)
- Brian Rice (Intel)
- Douglas Bone (CDC)
- Rick Moen (CDC)
- Mridul Jain (CDC)


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