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Release of 1.07.92 this weekend

Item posted by Henrik Sandklef <hesa> on Fri 29 Aug 2003 05:48:48 AM UTC.

Source code cleanup finsihed. We will move on to do regression tests agagin. Since the documentation* of Xnee is not in sync with the functionality, the release this weekend will not be 1.08, but 1.07.92. When the documentation is in sync the same code base will be used for 1.08.

Again, lots of new requested features:
 - Resolution can be different on the host to which Xnee replays.
 - Replay speed can be adjusted.
 - Xnee can retype the contents of a file.
 - Xnee can save your command line setting to a file, to be used
   later as a project file (prevoiusly called resource/settings file)
Experimental features:
 - key+modifier can be set to handle:
     + pause  (pauses recording and replaying)
     + resume (resumes a paused recording or replaying)
     + insert (inserts a mark/timestamp in the log file*)

Confused? If you are not confused yet, we will try even more to confuse you with saying that the 1.08 release was planned to be called 1.10.

Well, keep sending patches, reports and nice emails.

*) Without documentation Xnee will probably be hard to use, so we now consider that a release without documentation in sync is not a valid release.

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