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a2ps 4.14.90 released [alpha]

Item posted by Reuben Thomas <rrt> on Sun 17 Jul 2022 07:19:12 PM UTC.

I’m delighted to announce a new alpha release of GNU a2ps. This release involves minimal changes to functionality, but involves a considerable update to the build system and code cleanup and simplification, as well as bug fixes. See below for more details.

I am particularly keen to hear from users and packagers about this release, as I plan to make a stable 4.15 release soon.

* Noteworthy changes in release 4.14.90 (2022-07-17) [alpha]
 * This is an alpha release, owing to the considerable changes since the
   last version.
 * New maintainer, Reuben Thomas.
 * Build:
   - Updated and fixed the build system, using gnulib and modern Autotools.
   - Remove OS/2 support.
   - Require libpaper.
 * Predefined delegations:
   - Remove support for defunct Netscape and proprietary Acrobat Reader.
   - Add lpr wrapper for automatic detection of different printing systems,
     including CUPS support.
 * Encodings:
   - Use libre fonts for KOI-8.
   - Composite fonts support.
 * Documentation:
   - Some English fixes.
   - Man page for fixnt.
 * Bug fixes:
   - Fixes for security bugs CVE-2001-1593, CVE-2015-8107 and CVE-2014-0466.
   - Minor bugs fixed.

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