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Registry of pickles for GNU poke

Item posted by Jose E. Marchesi <jemarch> on Wed 22 Dec 2021 03:58:56 PM UTC.

GNU poke allows the users to write their own descriptions of the data they want to edit or operate with.  These descriptions are written in the Poke programming language, and consist on type definitions, variables, functions, pretty-printers and so on.

We call 'pickles' to Poke source files containing definitions of types, variables, functions, etc, that conceptually apply to some definite domain. For example, is a pickle that provides facilities to poke ELF object files. Pickles are not necessarily related to file formats: a set of functions to work with bit patterns, for example, could be implemented in a pickle

We have added a collection of already written pickles to Pokology:  This page lists the pickles by categories: compression, object formats, file systems, etc.  It lists not only pickles distributed along with GNU poke, but also those developed and distributed separately.

We hope you find this registry useful.  If you write a poke pickle that may be useful to other people, please let us know in the poke-devel mailing list and will add it to the registry.


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