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Field Description: Generally high level modules or functionalities of the software (e.g. User interface, Configuration Manager, etc)

Open Items
-- General --1/166%
Arabic [ar]1/166%
Bengali [bn]1/166%
Chinese Simplified [zh-cn]1/166%
Czech [cs]2/1613%
Hebrew [he]2/1613%
Polish [pl]1/166%
Portuguese [pt]1/166%
Romanian [ro]3/1619%
Tamil [ta]1/166%
Estonian [et]1/166%
Galician [gl]1/166%


All Items
Uzbek [uz]1/1021%
-- General --4/1024%
Arabic [ar]4/1024%
Bulgarian [bg]1/1021%
Bengali [bn]1/1021%
Catalan [ca]1/1021%
Chinese Simplified [zh-cn]4/1024%
Czech [cs]3/1023%
German [de]7/1027%
Greek [el]1/1021%
Spanish [es]23/10223%
Finnish [fi]1/1021%
French [fr]13/10213%
Hebrew [he]3/1023%
Indonesian [id]1/1021%
Italian [it]6/1026%
Japanese [ja]1/1021%
Korean [ko]5/1025%
Malayalam [ml]3/1023%
Dutch [nl]2/1022%
Norwegian Bokmål [nb]2/1022%
Polish [pl]2/1022%
Portuguese [pt]1/1021%
Romanian [ro]4/1024%
Russian [ru]1/1021%
Serbian [sr]2/1022%
Tamil [ta]1/1021%
Estonian [et]1/1021%
Brazilian Portuguese [pt-br]1/1021%
Galician [gl]1/1021%


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