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#65563 Support file:// scheme 2024-04-06
#65042 Unable to download webp images with GNU Wget Need Info 2023-12-18
#65009 wget refuses to use legitimate self signed CAs provided with the --ca-certificate flag 2023-12-11
#65007 wget uses non-standard way to print IPv6 addresses 2023-12-10
#64808 When I use wget to download some files from a web server, files with russian names do not get proper names 2023-10-23
#64714 --no-clobber not working with --mirror?? 2023-09-24
#64693 Add command line support for bearer token 2023-09-18
#64203 wget --warc-dedup has bogus behavior against duplicated digest 2023-05-17
#63674 Can't get -P and -O flags working together for wget command 2023-01-17
#63565 wget --timeout=30 not working during suspend / resume 2022-12-23
#63564 wget --timeout=30 not working during suspend / resume 2022-12-23
#63562 wget --timeout=30 not working during suspend / resume 2022-12-23
#63308 wget uses http_proxy variable when I download HSTS http:// link 2022-11-02
#63269 Problem downloading files from wget 2022-10-25
#62964 --on-clobber does not respect sym-linked files 2022-08-27
#62869 if retry hits a 302 FOUND wget forgets to send the Range header thus appending the whole file to what's downloaded alrdy 2022-08-06
#62782 Cant resume mirror website using convert links with -c option. How to do it? 2022-07-18
#62757 wget --secure-protocol=SSLv3 dumps core when built with OpenSSL without SSLv3 support 2022-07-13
#62724 Measuring UTF-8 Encoded Filename Length comes unexpected result 2022-07-08
#62586 Warning given every time wget runs: “.netrc:..: unknown token” when a password contains quotes 2022-06-05
#62549 --content-disposition not working in --mirror operations 2022-05-31
#62516 "--convert-links" converts frags unnecessarily Confirmed 2022-05-24
#62137 wget segfaults when using openssl and a FTPS server in TLS 1.3 Ready for Merge darnir 2022-03-03
#61649 Wget not honouring Content-Encoding: gzip 2021-12-09
#61416 Manpage on --secure-protocol could be improved Confirmed 2021-11-02
#61229 "unable to resolve host address" for URI's when from a long list 2021-09-26
#61165 On Ubuntu 20.04, page requisites not working 2021-09-15
#61038 Windows post fails to post files over 65536 bytes, 2021-08-13
#60956 stylesheet and icon <link> elements not properly classified as page requisites Confirmed rockdaboot 2021-07-21
#60922 Add a way to get the "server-names" of the downloaded files 2021-07-15
#60617 POST not continued after 301, 302 Ready For Test 2021-05-16
#60494 Percent character in filename gets escaped twice 2021-05-01
#60442 On 416 ( CONTENT_RANGE_NOT_SATISFIABLE ) wget sets the content type from the error response, not the original url type. 2021-04-22
#60287 Windows recursive download escapes utf8 URLs twice 2021-03-25
#60246 When writing stdout into a pipe, wget never terminates In Progress darnir 2021-03-16
#60244 With -A, the no-clobbering does not work anymore 2021-03-16
#60242 Typo in the output when user enters "wget" only. 2021-03-16
#60241 netrc: only remove backslash when we have quotes 2021-03-16
#60142 if stylesheet filename differs only after ~200 chars, the last overwrites all previous and convert-links fails 2021-02-28
#60106 wget mistakenly interprets Content-Range as bytes and truncates content Confirmed 2021-02-23
#59954 wget assumes ftp server of type UNIX knows LIST -a command while this is not always true Confirmed rockdaboot 2021-01-27
#59903 regex.c in trunk and 1.12.1 - ./malloc/dynarray-skeleton.c:205:40: error: expected identifier or '(' 2021-01-18
#59715 -q --quiet option is not clear enough in man pages 2020-12-17
#59497 Oops -N documentation is under -nc 2020-11-21
#59363 wget with --wait (crawling specific domain's specific url with wait) 2020-10-27
#59320 wget does not obey timestamping option when destination file is owned by "nobody" 2020-10-22

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