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Arabic Translation *INACTIVE* Translating GNU into Arabic translation teams
Bulgarian Translation Team for *INACTIVE* This is an effort to translate the articles and essays at in Bulgarian. translation teams
Czech Translation of GNU.ORG *INACTIVE* The goal of this project is to make and keep fresh complete translation of web pages translation teams
Danish translation *INACTIVE* Danish translation of the GNU website. translation teams
Dutch translation team *INACTIVE* Dutch translation team for translation teams
Finnish translator team *INACTIVE* Tämä on projektisivu. Halukkaita suomentajia otetaan vastaan! translation teams
GNU Ukrainian Translation team We make and maintain translation of all important documents and articles of the site into Ukrainian. translation teams
GNU Bengali Translation Team *INACTIVE* "www-bn" is a project that aims to provide Bengali Translation of GNU project's web pages. translation teams
GNU Brazilian Portuguese Translation Team *INACTIVE* Team to manage Brazilian Portuguese translation of articles. translation teams
GNU Chinese Translators Team This project is aimed to translate pages of the web site into Simplified Chinese. For Traditional Chinese translation, please check the project: translation teams
GNU Croatian Translation Team *INACTIVE* GNU projekt za hrvatske prijevode. translation teams
GNU Esperanto Translation Team *INACTIVE* Translation of GNU Project's website into Esperanto. -- Tradukado de la retejo de Projekto GNU esperantlingven. translation teams
GNU French Translation Team Ceci est le projet de traduction en français des pages de translation teams
GNU German Translation Team for *INACTIVE* Deutsches GNU-Übersetzungsteam für (www-de) translation teams
GNU Persian Translation Team "www-fa" is a project that aims to provide Persian Translation of GNU project's web pages. این پروژه در نظر دارد تا صفحات سایت پروژهٔ گنو را به زبان فارسی ترجمه کند. translation teams
GNU Polish Translation Team for Team to manage the Polish translation of translation teams
GNU Russian Translation Team Team to manage Russian translation of articles. translation teams
GNU Spanish Translation Team Equipo de traductores al español de GNU. translation teams
GNU Tamilization *INACTIVE* குனு இணைய தளப் பக்கங்களை தமிழாக்கும் முயற்சி! translation teams
GNU website Japanese Translation Team Japanese Translation Team for web site. translation teams
GNU-ca, Catalan translation team *INACTIVE* Grup de traducció al català de la pàgina de GNU. translation teams
greekwebtranslations *INACTIVE* Hellenic Web translations (www-el) translation teams
Indonesian Translation Team *INACTIVE* We will translate the articles and essays at in Bahasa Indonesia (language). translation teams
Korean GNU translation team *INACTIVE* Korean translation team translation teams
Malayalam Translation Team for This project is aimed at providing comprehensive Malayalam support to the GNU operating system, manuals and websites. translation teams

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