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This project is part of the GNU Project.

This website is mostly intended for developers and maintainers. For general information on the project, please check

If you're looking for information on how to contribute, check the hackers' wiki at

LibreDWG was based on LibDWG (, which is written with variable names, documentation and comments in Esperanto.

There are also cmdline tools and libraries to read and write DWG files, with converters for various formats: DXF, DXFB, SVG, PS, JSON, XML, ....
and a SaveAs functionality, to convert between the various DWG versions.
It can read r13-r2018 DWG, write r13-r2000 DWG, write r11-r2018 DXF ascii and binary, read r2000 DXF. It supports much more object types than any other free DWG library.

Registration Date: Sat 24 Oct 2009 10:23:48 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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libredwg-0.10.1 released
     posted by reini_urban, Mon 13 Jan 2020 09:40:00 AM UTC - 0 replies

Major bugfixes:
  * Fixed dwg2SVG htmlescape overflows and off-by-ones (#182)
  * Removed direct usages of fprintf and stderr in the lib. All can be
    redefined now. (#181)

Minor bugfixes:
  * Fuzzing fixes for dwg2SVG, dwgread. (#182) ...

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libredwg-0.10 released
     posted by reini_urban, Wed 08 Jan 2020 04:52:15 PM UTC - 0 replies

Some minor API changes and bugfixes, mostly stabilization.

API breaking changes:
  * added a new int *isnewp argument to all dynapi utf8text getters,
    if the returned string is freshly malloced or not.
  * removed the UNKNOWN supertype, there are only UNKNOWN_OBJ and UNKNOWN_ENT ...

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libredwg-0.9.3 released
     posted by reini_urban, Wed 25 Dec 2019 09:55:09 PM UTC - 0 replies

This is another minor patch update, with some bugfixes from fuzzed DWG's.

Here are the compressed sources:   (9.8MB)   (3.7MB) ...

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libredwg-0.9.2 released
     posted by reini_urban, Fri 08 Nov 2019 08:32:30 AM UTC - 0 replies

This is a minor patch update.
Added the -x,--extnames option to dwglayers for r13-r14 DWGs,
Fixed some more leaks,
Added DICTIONARY.itemhandles[] for r13 and r14,
Added geom utils to some programs: dwg2SVG and dwg2ps,
Added basic POLYLINE_2D and LWPOLYLINE support to dwg2SVG. ...

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