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Revealing unknown DWG classes
     posted by reini_urban, Fri 13 Jul 2018 10:11:01 PM UTC - 0 replies

I implemented three major buzzwords today in some trivial ways.

  • massive parallel processing
  • asynchronous processing
  • machine-learning: a self-improving program

The problem is mostly trivial, and the solutions also. I need to
reverse-engineer a binary closed file-format, but got some hints from ...

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Major speedup for big DWG's
     posted by reini_urban, Mon 11 Jun 2018 06:15:49 PM UTC - 0 replies

Thanks to David Bender and James Michael DuPont for convincing me that we need a hash table for really big DWGs. I got a DWG example with 42MB, which needed 2m to process and then 3m to free the dwg struct. I also had to fix a couple of internal problems. ...

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Enabled r2018 support
     posted by reini_urban, Mon 04 Jun 2018 08:40:47 AM UTC - 0 replies

I finished now reading the remaining DWG formats r2010, r2013 and r2018.
The only DWG read limitations are now:

  • pre-R13: some entities, all blocks
  • r2010+ Some AEC EED (Autodesk Architectural Desktop) objects.

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Smokers and mirrors
     posted by reini_urban, Tue 08 May 2018 04:13:26 PM UTC - 0 replies

I've setup continuous integration testing for all branches and pull requests at for GNU/Linux, and at for windows, which also generates binaries (a dll) automatically. ...

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New hackers' wiki
     posted by pitanga, Wed 13 Jan 2010 01:41:11 AM UTC - 0 replies

In an attempt to build a tool to assist development, with developers focused documentation like compiling, testing, sending patches and whatever we think might be useful, I've created the LibreDWG hackers' wiki, hosted at LibrePlanet: Feel free to contribute as well.

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