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Potential findutils release - please test the CVS code!

Item posted by James Youngman <jay> on Tue 27 May 2003 09:30:17 AM UTC.

Thanks to some extensive help from Bruno Haible and others on the
bug-gnulib list, I have now updated the "Findutils" CVS code to work
with current versions of automake/autoconf.

I plan to make a release of "findutils" to make some
previously-unreleased changes available (though there are still
outstanding issues - see the list on the bug-reporting page whose URL
is in the signature of this email).

I'm aware that the only recent findutils releases have been "alpha"
releases.   Hence I'd prefer to get some testing done before I release
another "alpla" release.

So, if you could test the current CVS version of findutils on machines
you have access to, I would be grateful.   The current set of changes
are on a branch, and so to try them out, you will need to do the

cvs login

cvs -z3 co \
-rjy_branch_2003_05_24_gnulib_update findutils

... then read the file README-CVS and follow the instructions in it in
order to compile findutils.

If you could find the time to do this, it would be very useful.   I'm
interested in the following quesitons

1. What system are you using?  Which compiler?
2. Did the code compile?
3. Did the test suite ("make check") pass?  Watch out for the message
   "WARNING: could not find `runtest'", which means that you need to
   install "dejagnu" in order to runthe test suite.
4. Have you noticed any differences between this version and whatever
   you're currently using?

Many thanks,

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