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GNU nano 5.9 was released
     posted by bens, Thu 07 Oct 2021 10:03:14 AM UTC

Version 5.5 brought the option --minibar, for a minimized user interface, and version 5.6 brought the spotlighting of a search match, in black on yellow by default.  Subsequent versions added a few minor things and fixed some bugs.

GNU nano 5.2 was released
     posted by bens, Tue 25 Aug 2020 06:50:50 AM UTC

Version 5.0 brought: direct access to the "Execute Command" prompt, the ability to place and jump to anchors, the --indicator option for showing a kind of scrollbar, nine new color names plus the "italic" attribute, and several major internal changes.  Versions 5.1 and 5.2 then fixed the bugs that these changes had caused along the way.

GNU nano 4.0 was released
     posted by bens, Wed 27 Mar 2019 06:36:29 PM UTC

This version breaks with the close compatibility with Pico: nano no longer hard-wraps the current line by default when it becomes overlong, and uses smooth scrolling by default, plus two other minor changes.  Further, in 3.0 indenting and unindenting became undoable, and now, with 4.0, also justifications have become undoable (to any depth), making that all of the user's actions are now undoable and redoable (with the M-U and M-E keystrokes).

GNU nano 2.9.7 was released
     posted by bens, Mon 21 May 2018 10:36:33 AM UTC

Accumulated changes over the last five releases include: the ability to bind a key to a string (text and/or escape sequences), a default color of bright white on red for error messages, an improvement to the way the Scroll-Up and Scroll-Down commands work, and the new --afterends option to make Ctrl+Right (next word) stop at the end of a word instead of at the beginning.  Check it out.

GNU nano 2.9.2 was released
     posted by bens, Sun 07 Jan 2018 11:09:02 AM UTC

The most important change in this version is that now you can use <Tab> to indent a marked region and <Shift+Tab> to unindent it.  Furthermore, with the option 'set trimblanks' in your nanorc, nano will now snip those pesky trailing spaces when automatic hard-wrapping occurs (when using the --fill option, for example).  Apart from those things, there are several small fixes and improvements.  Recommended upgrade.

GNU nano 2.8.6 was released
     posted by bens, Sun 23 Jul 2017 03:23:59 PM UTC

This version brings the ability to do softwrapping at whitespace (via the option --atblanks on the command line or 'set atblanks' in your nanorc, together with the softwrap option).  Apart from that new feature, just a few tiny fixes.

GNU nano 2.8.2 was released
     posted by bens, Thu 04 May 2017 10:12:05 AM UTC

This version makes the built-in help texts searchable (with ^W).  This is useful chiefly in the main help text -- when the user forgot how to scroll without moving the cursor, for example, or how to insert a keystoke verbatim.  Apart from that, this release fixes a few small or unlikely bugs.

GNU nano 2.8.0 was released
     posted by bens, Sun 02 Apr 2017 10:54:55 AM UTC

This version of nano changes the way softwrap works: the <Up> and <Down> cursor keys now move through visual rows instead of jumping between logical lines.  And nano now makes use of gnulib, to get rid of some custom shims and to avoid the need for new ones.  The use of gnulib has increased the size of nano's tarball by some thirty percent, but... in lines of code this is the smallest nano since 2.2.0.

GNU nano 2.7.2 was released
     posted by bens, Wed 14 Dec 2016 05:12:58 PM UTC

After 2.7.1 bringing line numbers, this version brings a word completion feature (bound to Ctrl+] by default) and also fixes a few small bugs.  So... there is no need to upgrade, but it won't hurt.

GNU nano 2.7.0 was released
     posted by bens, Mon 05 Sep 2016 06:37:53 PM UTC

The first nano where you can select text by holding Shift together with the movement keys.  (This doesn't work on all terminal emulators, but works fine on a Linux consolse, on an xterm, and on a Gnome Terminal.  If you have problems on your terminal, maybe you can configure things differently.  Otherwise, ask its developers to make those key combos configurable.)

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