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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #58443 when backup fails, ^C is understood as "Yes" bens 2020-05-25
 #58442 when user answers "No" when backup fails, she cannot change her mind any more bens 2020-05-25
 #58439 using 'allow_insecure_backup' in unwritable directory mangles existing backup Fixed bens 2020-05-24
 #58424 the Go syntax doesn't highlight "chan" Fixed bens 2020-05-21
 #58410 misleading error message when backup file cannot be deleted bens 2020-05-20
 #58383 backup files always have the user's standard group Fixed bens 2020-05-17
 #58357 a lone CR in a DOS file gets mistreated Fixed bens 2020-05-12
 #58343 [Wish] nano should save to a new file, then rename it to the old 2020-05-10
 #58199 [Wish] the ability to temporarily "fold" lines 2020-04-18
 #58152 [Wish] a 'set notitlebar' option 2020-04-10
 #58130 [Wish] extra syntax highlighting files -- Haskell and Markdown Fixed bens 2020-04-06
 #58088 with --nonewlines, M-6 will copy the last line multiple times Fixed bens 2020-03-31
 #57956 [Wish] a scroll bar on the right that shows position and portion In Progress bens 2020-03-05
 #57953 [Wish] use the top-right corner for state information 2020-03-04
 #57890 poor performance on extremely long lines when softwrap is set 2020-02-25
 #57852 \d and \D not working as expected in regular expression search Confirmed 2020-02-18
 #57796 [Request] smarter whitespace/indentation handling 2020-02-12
 #57696 in restricted mode, nano will nevertheless write a lock file Postponed bens 2020-01-29
 #57577 [Request] the ability to set bookmarks between which one can cycle Fixed bens 2020-01-10
 #57402 unlike Pico, nano allows justifying tab-indented paragraphs Wont Fix 2019-12-13
 #57393 on most terminal emulators, Ctrl+- reduces the font size 2019-12-10
 #57294 on Debian and derivatives, <Alt+Up> does not work on a Linux console Confirmed 2019-11-23
 #57248 [Request] don't change cursor position when feeding something through a command 2019-11-17
 #57123 [Request] strip the path name from the top bar when space is limited 2019-10-27
 #57062 [April 2021] remove deprecated and obsolete options 2019-10-16
 #57061 [Request] at the end of ./configure, print the baked-in nanorc paths In Progress bens 2019-10-16
 #56525 [Request] allow to use 'italic' as a color modifier in syntax definitions 2019-06-20
 #56445 [Request] add support for more colors (256, or 16 million) 2019-06-05
 #56443 [Request] allow using \t in a string or regex, to represent a tab 2019-06-05
 #56433 [Task] nano should store each compiled file-matching regex 2019-06-03
 #56227 a single-buffer build does not complain about multiple file arguments 2019-04-27
 #56226 [Task] cutting a line should not change the struct of the next line Fixed bens 2019-04-27
 #50773 [Request] improve the handling of combining characters 2017-04-10
 #50080 [Request] add a configure option to --disable-linter 2017-01-18
 #48595 [Request] make the manpages translatable by using po4a 2016-07-22
 #48489 when a deletion creates a valid character from invalid bytes, nano should adapt Wont Fix 2016-07-12
 #47626 composed and decomposed characters are not seen as equal 2016-04-05
 #45724 nano does not show block characters where other editors do 2015-08-08
 #44352 [Request] allow spell checking from cursor instead of whole file Postponed bens 2015-02-23
 #36864 saving to full device leads to empty file Need Info bens 2012-07-17
 #34898 [Request] reuse existing buffers when adding files 2011-11-25
 #27346 [Request] add support for writing the buffer contents to standard out 2009-08-30

        42 matching items - Items 1 to 42        

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