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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #60775 CLOSE_WRITE inotify event when opening files on Raspberry Pi Zero Invalid 2021-06-12
 #60773 [Wish] make it possible to adjust fill / guidestripe position from within editor 2021-06-11
 #60766 with the example CUA bindings, the Execute menu is inaccessible Fixed bens 2021-06-10
 #60764 heap buffer overflow when toggling "pipe" twice Fixed bens 2021-06-10
 #60674 things like "lightlime" are mistakenly colorized as valid Fixed bens 2021-05-26
 #60669 giving +?string on the command line says "Search Wrapped" Fixed bens 2021-05-25
 #60668 colorname "lightnormal" does not get reported as invalid Fixed bens 2021-05-25
 #60667 something like +cr23 on the command line does not get rejected Fixed bens 2021-05-25
 #60663 let a bare + on the command line mean: put cursor at EOF Fixed bens 2021-05-24
 #60660 a new file gets wrongly advertised as being in Mac format Fixed bens 2021-05-23
 #60658 "undefined behavior" when searching backwards Fixed bens 2021-05-23
 #60605 file size is wrong after automatic hardwrapping of quoted text Fixed bens 2021-05-14
 #60596 memory leak for automatic hardwrapping of quoted text Fixed bens 2021-05-13
 #60570 poor status-bar behavior when terminal has just one row Fixed bens 2021-05-10
 #60537 nano crashes when terminal is resized while linter is running Fixed bens 2021-05-06
 #60041 after certain edits, miscoloring will still occur bens 2021-02-11
 #58343 [Wish] nano should save to a new file, then rename it to the old 2020-05-10
 #58199 [Wish] the ability to temporarily "fold" lines 2020-04-18
 #57393 showing ^_ in the help lines is not... very good Fixed bens 2019-12-10
 #57294 on Debian and derivatives, <Alt+Up> does not work on a Linux console Confirmed 2019-11-23
 #57248 [Request] don't change cursor position when feeding something through a command 2019-11-17
 #56445 [Request] add support for more colors (256, or 16 million) 2019-06-05
 #56443 [Request] allow using \t in a string or regex, to represent a tab 2019-06-05
 #50080 [Request] add a configure option to --disable-linter 2017-01-18
 #48595 [Request] make the manpages translatable by using po4a 2016-07-22
 #45724 nano does not show block characters where other editors do 2015-08-08
 #36864 saving to a full device can lead to an empty file Need Info 2012-07-17
 #34898 [Request] reuse existing buffers when adding files 2011-11-25
 #27346 [Request] add support for writing the buffer contents to standard out 2009-08-30

        29 matching items - Items 1 to 29        

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