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GNU LibreJS Update for October 2017

Item posted by zach wick <zwick> on Mon 30 Oct 2017 12:41:47 PM UTC.

The GNU LibreJS team has undergone some recent changes; both
administrative and technical.

On the administrative side, zach wick (zwick) has taken over the role
of maintainer. We'd like to thank nikolas for all of his time and
effort that he has put into making LibreJS what it is.

On the technical side, nate_nichols has been hard at work fleshing out
what LibreJS will look like under the hood when built on top of the
WebExtension APIs. This change from the old extension APIs is needed
because while LibreJS primarily targets running in GNU Icecat, GNU
Icecat uses the Mozilla Firefox codebase as its upstream. Mozilla has
announced that they will be deprecating the XPCOM and XUL extension
APIs to be replaced by the WebExtension APIs. This means that once
this deprecation lands in a Mozilla Firefox ESR release, it will make
its way into GNU Icecat, and at that time, LibreJS will have to be
using the WebExtension APIs.

As a side effect, this is also an opportunity for LibreJS to be used
as an extension in other web browsers that support the WebExtension

The next release of GNU LibreJS will be a major version (7.0) and we
will only be backporting substantial bugfix patches to the 6.x
versions of LibreJS while the legacy XUL APIs still are used by GNU

If you are interested in hacking with us, please join us in #librejs
on Freenode, by subscribing to our mailing list, or by checking out
the "webext" branch from the Git repository.

Happy Hacking!

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