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Version 2.1 is imminent, please test

Item posted by Richard Shann <rshann> on Thu 23 Feb 2017 07:14:09 PM UTC.

GTK Upgrade

    UI manager dropped

    All deprecations to version 3.22 fixed

New Features

    Gregorian Chant Support

    Easier Mirrored Dynamics

    Lyrics verses can be mirrored to other staffs

    Easy selection of staffs to typeset

    Improved Playback Controls

    Less Cluttered Dynamics Line

    Cross Voice Arpeggios

    Baritone Clef support

    Invoke Command Center on commands from Object Editor

Tear-off Menus

    Now tear off as palettes

    Keep them around, dock them, edit the tooltips…

Clearer Display

    Object Position indicators only where needed

Bug Fixes

    Setting playback start via button is now reliable

    Playback View sometimes playing from wrong point fixed

    Instability on Undo after delete of staff with lyrics

    Ledger lines in display for staffs of less than 5 lines fixed

    Fix display of Drum Clef

    Fix positioning of graphics in display for windows

    Fix Playback View for certain locales

    Improved Lyrics display

    Fix Lyric aligment syntax

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