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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #56559 Figured Bass multiple chord entry via MIDI keyboard problem None rshann 08:40
 #56545 Print View sometimes shows an excerpt None None 2019-06-25
 #56436 Problems with collapsing items in Object Editor on Windows None None 2019-06-04
 #56400 [ Japanese windows10 ]Denemo font unvisible Need Info None 2019-05-27
 #56330 Windows install do overwrite PATH Duplicate None 2019-05-15
 #56252 Denemo Windows Environment Variable Bug None None 2019-05-01
 #55996 No installation for OpenSuse None None 2019-03-25
 #55978 Paste from above cannot paste objects at start of bar None None 2019-03-22
 #55936 Creating a tie destroys some notes None None 2019-03-16
 #55489 Duplicate 1st & 2nd time bars in all available staves Need Info None 2019-01-16
 #55346 Some keyboard shortcuts Need Info None 2018-12-31
 #54871 Denemo 2.1 and 2.2 all windows disappear on Mac None None 2018-10-21
 #54821 support for guile-2.2 Need Info None 2018-10-11
 #54717 Crashing and auto slurs Need Info None 2018-09-24
 #54605 Copying directives attached to objects does not allow paste in a different score None None 2018-08-31
 #54323 Copied ornaments etc do not paste None None 2018-07-17
 #54240 Apparent Time Signature only works if cursor is at start of bar None None 2018-07-03
 #54200 Bar Numbering Interval command and mid-bar breaks None None 2018-06-28
 #53610 Emmentaler Glyphs size (1000 px!) is used for selection marker None None 2018-04-11
 #53606 d-DirectivePut-note-minpixels space is not evenly distributed None None 2018-04-10
 #53297 Doesn't run, period Need Info None 2018-03-06
 #52138 Syntax changes for LilyPond 2.20 None None 2017-09-28
 #52108 Chords->Directives-Attach LilyPond to chord is limited None None 2017-09-24
 #52049 Proportional Spacing removal None None 2017-09-17
 #52048 Custom Barline does not explain use None None 2017-09-17
 #51947 End play marker could be invalidated after editing outside the playable area None None 2017-09-05
 #51692 Get rid of MIDI output options Postponed None 2017-08-08
 #51352 Help on Conditional button in Advanced Directive Edit None None 2017-07-01
 #51180 Wysiwyg editing of trill etc broken In Progress None 2017-06-04
 #51074 Ignore Clashing Note Columns command is not just warnings None None 2017-05-20
 #51026 Give tooltips an "Associated Commands:" feature (was Change the text on the help option in Measures -> repeats) Postponed None 2017-05-14
 #50821 Option in the settings to not suspend pulseaudio Need Info None 2017-04-18
 #50793 Nth time bar appearing above chord symbols In Progress None 2017-04-13
 #50371 Import bww and/or bmw files None None 2017-02-21
 #50253 Palettes could be easier to handle None None 2017-02-08
 #50204 Re-order lyric verses None None 2017-02-01
 #50179 Internationalisation None None 2017-01-29
 #49995 Removing all empty staves, not just the first None None 2017-01-06
 #49854 MusicXML import of time signature changes None None 2016-12-15
 #49595 Playback view doesn't allow printing custom layouts None None 2016-11-13
 #49555 Identify Line Number gain has no Quit button None None 2016-11-07
 #49252 Short Name should set short-indent In Progress None 2016-10-02
 #48934 Position of the spot for dragging the lyrics pane up or down is invisible Need Info None 2016-08-28
 #48699 Custom accidentals None None 2016-08-04
 #48224 Menu of layouts for conditional should not include custom layouts None None 2016-06-14
 #48192 Absence of LilyPond is not flagged to user None None 2016-06-10
 #47967 If denemo is running open up file in new tab Confirmed None 2016-05-20
 #47729 highlighted items in the Command Centre difficult to read Postponed None 2016-04-18
 #47471 TTBB template should use Treble 8va bassa clef Need Info None 2016-03-19
 #47454 Chords played onto tied notes do not fill in None None 2016-03-18

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