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Version 2.0.14 is out.

Item posted by Richard Shann <rshann> on Sun 27 Nov 2016 05:04:29 PM UTC.

New Tooltip System

    Controllable Popup rate

    Unaffected by Gtk changes

Preview Pane for Markup

    Markup previewed as you type

    Bad syntax picked up straight away

New Features

    Specify total page count

    Set a distinctive style for page numbers

    Duplex View now shows page edges clearly

    Chord Entry by MIDI keyboard without sustain pedal

    Palette button creation for chord types

    Reload standard palettes

    Support for percent style repeats

    New transposition interfaces

    Comprehensive Chord Inserts palette

    Mensural/Petrucci Style Palette

    Conditional Behavior for Clef, Key and Time directives

    Edit Book Titles with markup

Multi-line text and music

    Preview Pane

    Insertion of music glyphs

    Insertion of Chord Symbols separated from insertion of note names

    Applying effects to the selected text

    Raising/Lowering of glyphs, fret diagrams etc to match text

Transcription from Source Improvements

    Allow selected parts to be highlighted

    Edit the masked-off sections

    Reduces errors (e.g. switching to wrong part)

Polymetric Staff Support

    Allow different time signatures simultaneously

    Allow non-synchronous barlines

    Hidden (dummy) measures

Verses at End of Music

    Add further verses

    Edit with preview

    Multiple columns

Bug Fixes

    Hide Initial clef, key, time now update print view correctly

    Navigation from stale Print View fixed

    InsertChord command fixed at clef change

    Typeset Verses at End now copes with quotes, underscore, tildes

    Fix dragging rests in Print View

    Fix syllable alignment

    Transpose chord root names in Display

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