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Version 2.0 is out

Item posted by Richard Shann <rshann> on Fri 30 Oct 2015 02:22:23 PM UTC.

New features in this version:

    Object Inspector
        Full details of current object nicely formatted
        Includes all attachments to the current object
        Tracks the cursor
        Available from the Print View
    Object Editor
        Edit built in attributes
        Edit attached features
        Available from Inspector or by right click.
        Create Palette Buttons for instantiating the current attached features
    Score and Movement Properties Editor
        Edit global properties of the Score
        Edit global properties of the Movement
        Switch between movements to edit properties
        Create Palette Buttons for instantiating the current score or movement property
    Staff and Voice Properties Editor
        Edit global properties of the Staff
        Edit global properties of the Voice
        Create Palette Buttons for instantiating the current staff or voice property
    Search and Replace
        Search for rhythmic patterns
        Edit at found pattern and continue
        Search for note sequences
        Wrap to staff start/next staff
        Resume search
    Score Layout Editor
        Duplicate Movements with separate edits
        Re-order Movements
        Duplicate Staffs with separate edits
        Staffs can be added from any movement into any other
        Control of bold, italic and fontsize
        Control of spacing
        Comprehensive set of fields to set
    Beaming Rules
        Create scorewide beaming rules
        Rules for multiple time signatures
        Regular rules with exceptions done by example.
    Preview of Text/Music/Fret Diagram/Chord Symbol Markup
        Check the appearance before re-typesetting the score
    Notehead Styles
        Complete set of notehead styles
        Set on individual notes or score-wide
    Vertical Spacing Controls
        Complete set of vertical spacing distance settings
        Titles to System
        System to System
        … more
    Improved MIDI output
        Sustain Pedal effect
    Bug Fixes
        MIDI message lengths corrected for custom messages
    User Manual
        Many new sections added

Known issues for this release:
     option -a is ignored unless -n is given.
     The ornaments with accidentals above/below command is broken.

Binary packages can be downloaded via the website.

Here are the compressed sources (from a mirror) :

If automatic redirection fails, the list of mirrors is at:

Or if need be you can use the main GNU ftp server:

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