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GNU wget 1.14 released

Item posted by Giuseppe Scrivano <gscrivano> on Mon 06 Aug 2012 07:23:17 PM UTC.

  • Noteworthy changes in Wget 1.14

** Add support for content-on-error.  It allows to store the HTTP
   payload on 4xx or 5xx errors.

** Add support for WARC files.

** Fix a memory leak problem in the GNU TLS backend.

** Autoreconf works again for distributed tarballs.

** Print some diagnostic messages to stderr not to stdout.

** Report stdout close errors.

** Accept the --report-speed option.

** Enable client certificates when GNU TLS is used.

** Add support for TLS Server Name Indication.

** Accept the arguments --accept-reject and --reject-regex.

** The GNU TLS backend honors correctly the timeout value.

** Add support for RFC 2617 Digest Access Authentication.


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