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GNU/EDMA 0.17.0

Item posted by David Martínez Oliveira <dmartin> on Sun 31 Jan 2010 11:43:58 AM UTC.

We are preparing the release of a GNU/EDMA Stable version. Basically we need to remove some parts that are no longer used and reorganize examples and tests.

This CVS update to version 0.17.0 can be considered quite stable and we do not expect to make any change in the GNU/EDMA core, as said above.

The graphical tools GECB (GNU/EDMA Class Browser) and GIDFWizard (GNU/EDMA IDF Wizard) has also been updated. The GNOME dependencies has been removed and now only GTK is need for using them, and GECB can now show local repository data if the edma_repos.lst file is present.

We will be keep working and hopefully very soon a Stable release will be available

Best Regards

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