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Removed "web search" task

Item posted by toby cabot <toby> on Tue 24 Jun 2003 01:22:58 PM UTC.

We had an item that said "A free replacement for Glimpse, which is not free software. Swish does some parts of the job, but not all."  In my opinion this is no longer true since Swish-e appears to be very capable and is Free Software.  So if you need software to index and search all sorts of different data (including web pages) please consider Swish-e ( in preference to any non-free programs that do the same thing.

htdig, also (posted by toby cabot, Fri 11 Jul 2003 10:08:43 PM UTC)

Karl Berry writes:

In the news item about web searching:
you mention swish-e, which is good.  There's also htdig (, likewise free. There are pros and cons to each.



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