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Item ID down Summary Status Assigned to Submitted
 #31080 User scripts or functions created during a session on Windows are not found Need Info 2010-09-19
 #31974 Interpreter fails to create complex numbers with Inf complex parts Confirmed 2010-12-25
 #32088 Feature request: -ALL option for WHICH Confirmed 2011-01-10
 #32168 [octave forge] (dataframe) skewness, kurtosis not properly handling data with stdev=0 Confirmed 2011-01-18
 #32296 matlabbatch: equivalent subscript assignments produce unequal results Confirmed 2011-01-30
 #32316 Feature request: timer object functions Confirmed 2011-02-01
 #32332 feature request: mesh() should have labels parallel to axes Confirmed 2011-02-03
 #32717 sqp returns an error when the local qp is infeasible Confirmed 2011-03-08
 #32877 Please add single precision lsode function Confirmed 2011-03-22
 #32973 Feature request: which should find overloaded methods Confirmed 2011-04-01
 #32980 OpenGL plotting backend uses single precision, not double Confirmed 2011-04-03
 #33027 Accessing help for a private function Confirmed 2011-04-08
 #33538 fread does not support 'bitn', 'ubitn' formats Confirmed 2011-06-11
 #33605 concatenation of struct with empty character vector fails Confirmed 2011-06-20
 #34120 using mouse-scrolling after plotyy losed y1 plot Confirmed 2011-08-24
 #34173 Unary negative casts permutation matrices into full matrices Confirmed 2011-08-30
 #34438 Feature Request: Return value from .oct after octave_signal_caught 2011-09-30
 #35118 incorrect builtin() behaviour in object methods Confirmed 2011-12-19
 #35178 griddata: cubic interpolation not yet implemented Need Info 2011-12-26
 #35333 [octave forge] (optim) implement fmincon via a wrapper for sqp Confirmed 2012-01-20
 #35400 Interpreter should recognize equivalent of in-place operations for performance gain Confirmed 2012-01-30
 #35694 'nargin' fails when called with buit-in function name Confirmed 2012-03-02
 #35787 Diagonal matrices don't broadcast Confirmed jordigh 2012-03-11
 #35821 'TriScatteredInterp' and scatteredInterpolant are not yet implemented. In Progress nrjank 2012-03-12
 #36067 faulty mex/oct file with bad pointer assignments can crash Octave Confirmed 2012-04-02
 #36094 Incorrect axis limit calculation Confirmed 2012-04-04
 #36230 new function files in @myclass directory are not parsed when already in load path Confirmed 2012-04-17
 #36236 Boolean indexing not too prominent in the docs. Confirmed jordigh 2012-04-18
 #36562 Sparse matrix operations with NaN do not follow IEEE standard Confirmed 2012-05-30
 #36686 Saving and loading function handles that point to subfunctions is not working correctly Confirmed 2012-06-19
 #36743 Octave:language-extension warning warns about Octave's own files Patch Submitted jordigh 2012-06-28
 #36954 datenum / datevec convert date-time string incorrectly during hour lost to DST Confirmed 2012-07-26
 #37273 print("-color", "-textspecial", "-dfig","filename.fig") does not produce color or special text. Confirmed 2012-09-05
 #37501 contourf incorrect when NaN present on boundary Postponed 2012-10-04
 #37591 system with async option results in zombie processes Confirmed 2012-10-18
 #37971 'clear java' command needed for compatibility Confirmed 2012-12-21
 #38087 [octave forge] (image) graycomatrix incompatibilities with matlab 2013-01-14
 #38149 regexp: doesn't return empty tokens -- they just disappear Postponed 2013-01-23
 #38385 [octave forge] (ad) fails to compile and work with current octave Postponed 2013-02-23
 #38542 pan, rotate, or zoom with mouse erases other subplots with gnuplot Confirmed 2013-03-18
 #38628 bsxfun slow for complex Confirmed 2013-03-29
 #38666 gnuplot and imagesc prints garbled image for certain matrix sizes for sufficently large colormap size Confirmed 2013-04-05
 #38776 Tests in private functions cannot be tested directly 2013-04-19
 #38806 griddedInterpolant function missing Confirmed 2013-04-23
 #38825 OpenGL doesn't draw single points when no marker style is set Confirmed 2013-04-25
 #38875 strange errors using sqp In Progress 2013-05-03
 #38959 Complex integer types are not yet implemented Confirmed 2013-05-10
 #38961 fplot needs adaptive scaling algorithm Postponed 2013-05-10
 #39004 GUI: limitations of selecting text in terminal widget in Windows Confirmed 2013-05-15
 #39141 saved objects of user created class fail to load without explicitly loading constructor Confirmed 2013-06-02

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