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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #53934 Scrollback buffer allows exceeding available memory and DoS conditions. None None 05/17/2018
 #53313 odd backslash escape parsing of the echo command None None 03/09/2018
 #53181 Window opened before setting hardstatus to lastline has incorrect number of lines Confirmed None 02/18/2018
 #53173 Out of bounds heap memory read in MClearArea() None None 02/16/2018
 #52667 Off-by-one in RGB truecolor escape sequence parameter indices None None 12/14/2017
 #52663 configure option "--disable-use-locale" is not working Fixed None 12/14/2017
 #52545 vbell doesn't work, plus multiple bells cause a long lockup None None 11/28/2017
 #52485 lock on /etc/utmp on AiX > 6100-09-07-1614 Need Info None 11/23/2017
 #52372 Giberish printed to screen window in certain situations None None 11/09/2017
 #52329 screen: configure failed while build dir name contains "yes" Fixed None 11/02/2017
 #52296 Some unicode characters in hardstatus corrupt screen + hardstatus None None 10/27/2017
 #52271 'Bell in window' announcement freezes display None None 10/24/2017
 #52248 Screen doesn't release pty TIOCEXCL on quit None None 10/18/2017
 #52225 consider renaming :exec to :filter Need Discussion None 10/13/2017
 #52210 Cursor ends always at the bottom with altscreen on None None 10/12/2017
 #52203 ESC and ^G in :windowlist select wrong window Confirmed None 10/10/2017
 #52136 Consistent string escape support None None 09/28/2017
 #51890 screen randomly injects \b into UTF8 streams when processing combining characters None None 08/29/2017
 #51471 copy mode key bindings also trigger also trigger on the command line (colon) None None 07/15/2017
 #51186 In screenrc, 'te' should be present when 'ti' is None None 06/06/2017
 #51099 screenrc commands fail to execute None None 05/23/2017
 #51047 "windowlist -g" progressively sorts by most recently used, even without -m flag None None 05/17/2017
 #50952 Feature request: Hyperlinks None None 05/04/2017
 #50849 Should error out on unsupported baud rates instead of showing garbled data None None 04/21/2017
 #50827 Cannot reattach detached screen in master branch Confirmed None 04/18/2017
 #50748 problems with "profiling timer expired" errors None None 04/07/2017
 #50601 Screen rewrites 38;5;nn escapes even when surrounding terminal supports them Fixed None 03/21/2017
 #50208 paste . command acting strangely without setsid None None 02/02/2017
 #49883 Run mc inside screen + resize terminal + ctrl-a esc + pgup pgup pgup = bug Confirmed amade 12/19/2016
 #49189 segfault in src/authentication.c fix Fixed None 09/26/2016
 #49170 ^C doesn't work on FreeBSD Confirmed amade 09/23/2016
 #49081 lack of error when /dev/ptmx permissions are wrong None None 09/13/2016
 #48968 When new user unlocks screen the screen session is detached None None 09/01/2016
 #48848 ignoring -T parameter Confirmed None 08/22/2016
 #48789 After lockscreen, the session is said to be detached bit it isnt None None 08/15/2016
 #48720 Cannot unlock screen running as a user without password Need Discussion None 08/08/2016
 #48674 Background Backtick program does not exit when screen exits None None 08/01/2016
 #48662 Backtick in background does not exit when screen exits Confirmed None 07/30/2016
 #48661 SetUtmp() works incorrectly with ipv6 Confirmed None 07/30/2016
 #48594 Reattaching a screen causes it to forget the "defflow" setting None None 07/22/2016
 #48570 set the session name with 'sessionname' on configuration file lock the terminal resizing Confirmed None 07/20/2016
 #47943 option to make screen resize on every terminal resize with multiple clients are attached to the same screen. None None 05/17/2016
 #47825 screen flickers when changing caption None None 05/02/2016
 #47819 can't have '^' character in hardstatus/caption None None 05/01/2016
 #47640 Create a GNU Screen API for other programs to build upon None None 04/07/2016
 #47546 On resizing screen may cause an out of bounds memory read None None 03/27/2016
 #47493 [PATCH] Make delay after child program terminates configurable None amade 03/22/2016
 #47084 screen HEAD build broken on OS X Need Info None 02/07/2016
 #46824 FR: Please add possibility use in backtrick operator placeholders like window name None None 01/05/2016
 #46823 FR: add settings to configure silence message Wont Fix None 01/05/2016

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