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Item ID down Summary Status Assigned to Submitted
#27346 [Wish] add support for writing the buffer contents to standard out 2009-08-30
#45724 nano does not show block characters where other editors do 2015-08-08
#58199 [Wish] the ability to temporarily "fold" lines 2020-04-18
#61947 [Wish] add support for editor-config files 2022-01-27
#62269 [Wish] a way to save and restore anchors 2022-04-08
#63433 [Wish] jump to existing buffer when opening an already-open file 2022-11-28
#63520 nano crashes with code 11 when linting certain files Fixed bens 2022-12-13
#63691 the help text for "Replace with" is inadequate Fixed bens 2023-01-23
#63702 in a string bind, {verbatim} does not work Fixed bens 2023-01-25
#63964 format string vulnerabilities for linter and custom rcfile Fixed bens 2023-03-26
#64019 with --zero, the filename flashes by when switching between buffers Fixed bens 2023-04-09
#64125 command syntax in synopsis is incorrect Fixed bens 2023-04-29
#64168 warning message when using search and replace Need Info 2023-05-09
#64226 a rebound speller reports "Unbound key" in restricted mode Fixed bens 2023-05-21
#64340 the C syntax colorizes a URL in a string as a comment Fixed bens 2023-06-23
#64465 segfault when the folder disappears during a call of `read_the_list()` Fixed bens 2023-07-24
#64578 --mouse causes an "[ Unbound key ]" error on startup on Xfce Terminal Fixed bens 2023-08-21
#64632 handling of the F13 symbol disappeared in 5.0 Fixed bens 2023-09-08
#64945 with --atblanks, miswrapping can occur with very long words Fixed bens 2023-11-29
#64996 nano hangs when 39 characters are pasted in a VScode terminal Fixed bens 2023-12-07
#65087 the shown shortcut for "Go To Line" is an invalid keystroke on Mac's default Terminal 2023-12-28
#65193 nanorc.5: 'specfified' typo Fixed bens 2024-01-23
#65196 when the formatter command is "", running the formatter crashes nano Fixed bens 2024-01-23
#65204 when the linter command is "", running the linter messes up the input Fixed bens 2024-01-24
#65278 nano crashes in inject_into_answer() after a nested search Fixed bens 2024-02-09
#65279 use-after-free in goto_line_posx() Fixed bens 2024-02-09
#65289 heap-buffer-overflow in copy_of() when undoing a full justification Fixed bens 2024-02-10
#65301 a plain Replace macro can insert unintended text when replayed in regex mode Fixed bens 2024-02-13
#65317 with --cutfromcursor, undoing a justification can eat a line Fixed bens 2024-02-15
#65334 [Wish] recognize also the ".mjs" extension, and add a `magic` command Fixed bens 2024-02-20
#65365 uninitialized value used in get_verbatim_kbinput() Fixed bens 2024-02-25
#65369 nano crashes after searching in help during a regex replace session Fixed bens 2024-02-26
#65381 searching in the Replace-With help text overwrites the string to be replaced Fixed bens 2024-02-28

        33 matching items - Items 1 to 33        

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