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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #53324 NetBIOS Responder should respond to "*" names for lwIP 2.0.2 None None 2018-03-12
 #25653 ildasm not working for Framework\v3.0\PresentationCore.dll among others None None 2009-02-20
 #20250 Garbage Collector Doesn't Reclaim Memory None None 2007-06-25
 #20201 Xml Serializer throws exception on multi-processor systems None None 2007-06-18
 #19950 DateTime.UtcNow exceptions. None None 2007-05-24
 #19129 Reading uninitialised variable does not cause compile error. None None 2007-02-23
 #17345 XPathDocument causes segmentation fault None None 2006-08-06
 #17170 Problem with variable args of a vararg pinvoke call None None 2006-07-21
 #16792 MDI MainMenu MenuItem has non functional properties None None 2006-06-09
 #16791 resgen does not properly convert XML resource files None None 2006-06-09
 #16764 Binary Serialize doesn't work -- reading or writing None None 2006-06-06
 #16734 Main menu does not display at application start when main window is an MDI main window None None 2006-06-02
 #16553 String from Console.ReadLine() can contain whitespaces like \b on cygwin None None 2006-05-09
 #15053 HP-UX has .sl extensions for shared libraries not .so None None 2005-11-24
 #14814 Method Read() in XmlNodeReader is not implemented None None 2005-10-18
 #14645 Wrong result when casting a double to Int32 None None 2005-09-26
 #14633 Problem with tests on ARM / GPE, when compiled with gcc soft-float support None None 2005-09-25
 #14373 pnet2ms produces incorrect "using" code None None 2005-09-02
 #14292 Gtk# crashes on Familiar/GPE None None 2005-08-26
 #14062 Segmentation fault on running gtk-hello-world.exe None None 2005-08-08
 #13966 Clipping with double buffer not works None darkdust 2005-07-29
 #13595 Form with Icon crashes on Win32 ilrun None None 2005-07-01
 #13498 ilalink jumps to conclusions too soon when auto-referencing libs that are indirectly required None None 2005-06-22
 #13443 static FileStream not written to disk on exit without Close() Confirmed None 2005-06-18
 #13388 pnet-devel: ./configure should check yacc is yet installed. Need Info None 2005-06-13
 #12763 Xml (De)Serialisation does not work. None None 2005-04-21
 #12756 mahjongg tarball Confirmed None 2005-04-20
 #12755 Problem configuring pnetcurses 0.0.2 Confirmed None 2005-04-20
 #12505 LostFocus for ComboBox not invoked correctly Postponed drobosson 2005-03-30
 #12352 printf does not handle %f None None 2005-03-17
 #12257 Semi Transparent does not work None None 2005-03-09
 #12253 Threading problems on Windows 98 None None 2005-03-08
 #12025 if you Show() and Hide() a form immediately after creation, you cannot make it visible again None None 2005-02-18
 #11614 [0.6.10-12] Stack size > 4087 causes programs to loop endlessly None None 2005-01-16
 #11595 Top + Right Anchoring improper inside a Panel None None 2005-01-13
 #11519 problems on using "using" None None 2005-01-07
 #11464 cscc chokes on unicode byte mark None None 2004-12-31
 #11463 Problem with stackalloc returning an int lval None None 2004-12-31
 #11453 Misleading error message for unkown attributes None None 2004-12-30
 #11432 Compiler confuses types and fields, but only if there is an attribute None None 2004-12-29
 #11429 ildasm J# cannot be dumped : undocumented (token type/ metadata feature) None None 2004-12-29
 #11420 Circular definitions in attributes not compiling None None 2004-12-28
 #11417 incompatible types in assignment: no conversion from `System.String' to `char *' None None 2004-12-28
 #11402 Control.Dock None None 2004-12-26
 #11338 Graphics.FillPath does not really fill with PathData None None 2004-12-17
 #11212 Marshalling bug - code pointer in struct marshalled to unmanaged becomes invalid None None 2004-12-04
 #11150 using "cscc -e" (multiple entry points) can't find any entry point Need Info None 2004-11-27
 #11123 pnetc: Not able to convert function pointer types properly None None 2004-11-25
 #11121 false error : "incompatible types in assignment" for assigning function pointers None None 2004-11-24
 #11109 PnetC: Array data that is declared first, then initialized is errored as duplicate declared None None 2004-11-22

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