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Beijing GNU/Linux User Group The Beijing GNU/Linux User Group (BLUG) was founded in Beijing on November 19th, 2002 and has since met at least monthly without exception. GUG
BinaryFreedom Former GNU/Linux Boston user group, decided to change their name and vision to BinaryFreedom. With this change the group aims to focus on a more political stance with FreeSoftware. GUG
Bulgarian GNU Users Group Bulgarian users of the GNU operating system GUG
Colina Roja Hacklab GUG
Comunidade Curitiba Livre A Comunidade Curitiba Livre é um grupo de estudo que atua em prol do movimento de Software Livre na cidade de Curitiba e Região Metropolitana. Nossas atividades sempre são focadas no incentivo ao uso e desenvolvimento de Software Livre além de promovermos GUG
debxp Discussion group for the debxp community for promotion and defense of Free/Libre Software, digital activism, radicalization of democracy and empowerment through computing and free/libre cultures. GUG
Digital Freedom for Education and Youth - North West GUG
EmacsConf EmacsConf is the conference about the joy of Emacs, Emacs Lisp, and memorizing key sequences. GUG
Free Software Foundation LA GUG
Free Software Groups UK Free Software Groups for the UK GUG
Global FS Org. Coordination This project sought to coordinate the global activity of various Free Software Organizations, such as country-level FSF's, membership-oriented Free Software Societies (like APRIL), and GNU/Linux Users Groups. GUG
GNOME Translation Project - Tamil This project will help localise Gnome to Tamil in an organised way. The end product will be a usable desktop in Tamil. A cohesive production environment is our goal. We will strive for the highest quality translations possible as it will be dictated by GUG
GNU Foro de Empresas GUG
GNU User Group Sudoeste do Paraná GUG
GNU Users Group Los Angeles GUG LA is the GNU Users Group of Los Angeles, located in California, USA. Objectives include the networking of local GNU hackers, participation in GNU projects, and promotion of free software. GUG
GNU/Linux in Russia Russian GNU/Linux User Group GUG
GNU/Linux User Group, National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur GLUG NITH is a moniker for the GNU/Linux Users Group of National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur. GUG
Grupo de Usuarios GNU de Venezuela Usuarios y entusiastas de GNU/FSF en Venezuela. GUG
Guga GNU User Group Alagoas (GUGA) is a oficial GNU User Group (GUG) to promotes GNU projects in Alagoas (Brazil). GUG
IDLE TESLA We are a Free Software Users Group in Concepción, Region Bío-Bío, Chile. GUG
Nixal GNU/Linux Usr Grp Website ( NSEC, Kolkata) The website of Nixal. Nixal is the GNU/Linux user group of Netaji Subhash Engineering College, Kolkata, India GUG
SeNTX Free software user group of México/Nl/Monterrey. GUG
Serbian GNOME Translation Project Translation of GNOME desktop & development environment to Serbian language, and solving all the l10n and i18n issues as they arise. GUG
Tetum Translation Project Tetun (aka Tetan Tetum) is the common language of the people of Timor Leste (East Timor). The Tetun Project aspires to develop and refine Tetun Interfaces and guidelines for Linux and other Free Liscenced Open Source Computing Environments. GUG

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