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(GIFT) GNU Image Finding Tool The GIFT helps you find images in large collections. See for a demo. Go to the project homepage for more info. Official GNU software
3DLDF 3DLDF is a GNU package for three-dimensional drawing with MetaPost output. It is written in C++ using CWEB. It is intended, among other things, to provide a convenient way of including 3D graphics in TeX documents. Official GNU software
8sync 8sync (pronounced "eight-sync") is an asynchronous programming library for GNU Guile. It makes use of delimited continuations to avoid a mess of callbacks and result in clean, easy to read non-blocking code. Official GNU software
ACM Aerial combat simulation game Official GNU software
adns - DNS client (resolver) library adns is a resolver library for C (and C++) programs, and a collection of useful DNS resolver utilities. This project is not maintained on Savannah; see the project home page. Official GNU software
Articulatory Speech Synthesis Gnuspeech text-to-speech database creation and maintenance for arbitrary languages, plus text-to-speech-sound-output generation using articulatory synthesis. It currently includes rhythm, intonation, pronunciation and phonetic-to-synthesiser parameter da Official GNU software
AUCTeX, an integrated TeX/LaTeX environment AUCTeX is the predominant TeX/LaTeX writing environment for Emacs/XEmacs Official GNU software
Autoconf Autoconf is an extensible package of M4 macros that produce shell scripts to automatically configure software source code packages. Official GNU software
autogen AutoGen is a tool designed for generating program files that contain repetitive text with varied substitutions. Its goal is to simplify the maintenance of programs that contain large amounts of repetitious text. Official GNU software
Ball and Paddle Ball and Paddle is an extensible ball and paddle game that lets you script the events and attributes of the objects (balls, blocks, powerups, etc.) with GNU Guile, the official GNU extension language. Official GNU software
bayonne Multi-line/Multi-protocol telephony services & application toolkit Official GNU software
Bison GNU Bison generates LR and GLR parsers. Official GNU software
BPEL2oWFN BPEL2oWFN translates a web service expressed in BPEL (Business Process Execution Language for Web Services) into an oWFN (open Workflow Net). Official GNU software
C-Graph GNU C-Graph is an interactive package that demonstrates the mathematical operation of convolution. The package is written in Fortran. " C-Graph" is an abbreviation for "Convolution Graph". Official GNU software
cfengine Cfengine, or the configuration engine is an autonomous agent and a middle to high level policy language for building expert systems which administrate and configure large computer networks. Official GNU software
cgicc GNU cgicc is a C++ class library for writing CGI applications Official GNU software
classpath GNU Classpath (Essential Libraries for Java) is a project to create free core class libraries for use with virtual machines and compilers for the java language. It includes all native methods and core classes necessary for a completely functional java run Official GNU software
Classpath Extensions Classpath Extensions develops free implementations of Sun's extension libraries for Java. Official GNU software
combine: Extensible File Matching and Filtering GNU Combine joins, rearranges fields in, reformats, and sometimes summarizes flat files or other data files. It is extensible with Guile, and doesn't need sorted files (if you have enough memory). Official GNU software
commoncpp Useful C++ base classes for threading, socket i/o, etc. Official GNU software
Compact Disc Input and Control Library The Compact Disc Input and Control library encapsulates CD-ROM reading and control for applications wishing to be oblivious to the OS- and device-dependent properties of a CD-ROM. Access to SCSI-MMC and cdparanoia are provided. Official GNU software
Complexity Measure This program will give you a rough idea about the complexity of a collection of software. Slightly less rough than that rendered by a McCabe analysis because this program also considers code length, amplified by logic nesting level. Official GNU software
config The GNU config.guess and config.sub scripts. Please submit patches according to the instructions at the top of either script, not using the patch tracker here. Official GNU software
cppi Official GNU software
cursynth cursynth is a polyphonic and MIDI enabled musical synthesizer that runs graphically inside the terminal. cursynth achieves slider and text selection widgets through the ncurses library. Official GNU software
Dap statistics and graphics Dap is a small statistics and graphics package based on C. It provides core methods of data management, analysis, and graphics that are commonly used in statistical consulting practice. Dap is easy to learn and to use. Official GNU software
DDD GNU DDD is a graphical front-end for command-line debuggers such as GDB, DBX, WDB, Ladebug, JDB, XDB, the Perl debugger, the bash debugger bashdb, the GNU Make debugger remake, or the Python debugger pydb. Official GNU software
DejaGnu DejaGnu is a framework for testing other programs. It enables the creation of a testsuite that can be run natively on UNIX or Windows, or in a cross configuration on an embedded target. Official GNU software
Denemo Denemo is a free software (GPL 3) music notation editor for GNU/Linux, Mac OSX and MS Windows that lets you rapidly enter notation for typesetting via the GNU LilyPond music engraver. You can compose, transcribe, arrange, listen to the music and much more Official GNU software
Dominion world simulation game Dominion is a multi-player world simulation and role-playing game. Each user controls a nation, making economic, political and military decisions for it. Official GNU software
Dr. Geo Interactive geometry software. Official GNU software
ease.js ease.js is a Classical Object-Oriented framework for JavaScript, intended to eliminate boilerplate code and “ease” the transition into JavaScript from other Object-Oriented languages. Official GNU software
Electric VLSI Design System A circuit design system for IC layout, schematics, hardware description languages, and more. Official GNU software
emacs Emacs is the extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor. Official GNU software
Emacs Muse Emacs Muse is an authoring and publishing environment for Emacs. It simplifies the process of writing documents and publishing them to various output formats. Official GNU software
EMMS - The Emacs MultiMedia System Emacs MultiMedia System, an emacs package to play multimedia files using external players. Official GNU software
epsilon GNU epsilon is a user-extensible programming language built on top of a minimalistic core. Official GNU software
ERC ERC is a powerful, modular, and extensible IRC client for Emacs. Official GNU software
findutils GNU findutils includes find, xargs, locate and updatedb. These tools provide ways to search for files on your system by specifying what kind of file you're looking for. Official GNU software
FísicaLab FísicaLab is an educational application to solve physics problems. This consist of a chalkboard and a palette of components. Official GNU software
fontopia Fontopia is an easy-to-use, text-based, console font editor. What this means in simple English is that you can edit the fonts that your GNU/Linux kernel is using to display your text on text-based (vs graphical) terminals. Official GNU software
Free UCS Outline Fonts We aim to provide a useful set of free outline (i.e. OpenType) fonts covering as much as possible of the Unicode character set. The set consists of three typefaces: one monospaced and two proportional (one with uniform and one with modulated stroke). Official GNU software
FSF Test Project - IGNORE THIS Official GNU software
fussy An interpreter for a language with automatic error propagation Official GNU software
GCompris : I Got IT GCompris is an educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10. Some of the activities are game orientated, but nonetheless still educational. Official GNU software
Gforth Gforth is a fast and portable implementation of the Forth language, fully compatible with the ANSI and Forth2012 standard. Official GNU software
ghostscript Ghostscript is an interpreter for the PostScript language. A PostScript interpreter usually takes as input a set of graphics commands. The output is usually a page bitmap which is then sent to an output device such as a printer or display. Official GNU software
GMediaServer GMediaServer is a UPnP compatible media server for the GNU system. It serves audio and video files to network connected UPnP compatible media players. Official GNU software
Gnash - The GNU Flash player Gnash is a flash (SWF) player and plugin for Firefox and Konqueror. Official GNU software
gnats GNATS is a set of tools for tracking bug reports. It is one of the most robust bug tracking systems on the net, and is in production use by many companies and free software projects. Official GNU software
Gnatsweb The Web interface for GNATS (the GNU Bug Tracking System). Official GNU software
Gnowledge Networking and Organizing System GNOWSYS, Gnowledge Networking and Organizing System, is an server for collaboratively creating knowledge networks. It is developed in a Python web framework, django. Official GNU software
GNU a2ps GNU a2ps is an Any to PostScript filter. Official GNU software
GNU Accounting Utilities The GNU Accounting Utilities provide BSD-style login and command execution accounting for GNU/Linux systems. Official GNU software
GNU Alive Keep-alive program for internet connections. Official GNU software
GNU Anastasis Privacy-preserving distributed key backup and recovery Official GNU software
GNU Anubis GNU Anubis is an SMTP message submission daemon. Official GNU software
GNU APL GNU APL is a free interpreter for the programming language APL. APL is specified in ISO standard 13751 aka. "Programming Language APL, Extended". GNU APL supports nested arrays, complex numbers, and shared variables. Official GNU software
GNU Aris A logical proof program. Official GNU software
GNU Artanis GNU Artanis is a web application framework(WAF) written in Guile Scheme. Official GNU software
GNU Aspell GNU Aspell is a spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell. It can either be used as a library or as an independent spell checker. Its main feature is that it does a superior job job of suggesting possible replacements for a misspelled word. Official GNU software
GNU Astronomy Utilities Astronomical data analysis and manipulation programs and libraries. Official GNU software
GNU Autoconf Archive The GNU Autoconf Archive is a collection of more than 500 freely re-usable macros for GNU Autoconf. Official GNU software
GNU Automake Automake is a tool for automatically generating '' files for use with Autoconf, compliant with the GNU Makefile standards, and portable to various make implementations. Official GNU software
GNU awk gawk is the GNU implementation of the standard awk utility, with many improvements and extensions. Official GNU software
GNU barcode GNU Barcode is a tool to convert text strings to printed bars. It supports a variety of standard codes to represent the textual strings and creates postscript output. Official GNU software
GNU Behistun GNU Behistun consists of software and utilities for geological and geophysical modeling and mapping of internal structures and dynamics. Official GNU software
GNU C Compiler This project only hosts the anonymous CVS access Official GNU software
GNU C Library For more information please visit the project website here Official GNU software
GNU C Reference Manual This is a reference manual for the C programming language as implemented by the GNU C compiler. Official GNU software
GNU ccAudio A portable C++ framework for processing audio. Official GNU software
GNU ccd2cue The program ccd2cue is a CCD sheet to CUE sheet converter. It supports the full extent of CUE sheet format expressiveness, including mixed-mode discs and CD-Text meta-data. Official GNU software
GNU ccRTP C++ Realtime Protocol Stack with support for multicast, SRTP, and ZRTP Official GNU software
GNU ccScript Parallel instance realtime threaded scripting engine Official GNU software
GNU cflow GNU cflow analyzes a collection of C source files and prints a graph charting control flow within the program. Official GNU software
GNU Chess GNU Chess is a free chess-playing program developed as part of the GNU project of the Free Software Foundation. The first version was written back in 1984 by Stuart Cracraft. Official GNU software
GNU CIDE GNU Collaborative International Dictionary of English Official GNU software
GNU Cim Cim is a compiler for the programming language Simula. Official GNU software
Gnu Circuit Analysis Package GnuCap is a general purpose circuit simulator. It performs nonlinear dc and transient analyses, fourier analysis, and ac analysis. Official GNU software
GNU CLISP - an ANSI Common Lisp GNU CLISP is a portable ANSI Common Lisp implementation. It features an interpreter, a compiler, a debugger, the CLOS object system, a foreign function interface, sockets, fast bignums, i18n. Official GNU software
GNU Coding Standards Sources for the GNU Coding Standards and GNU Maintainer Information documents. Official GNU software
GNU Common Lisp GCL is a Common Lisp currently compliant with the CLtL1 standard. Lisp compilation produces native code through the intermediary of the system's C compiler, from which GCL derives efficient performance and facile portability. Currently uses TCL/Tk as GUI. Official GNU software
GNU Core Utilities The GNU Core Utilities are the basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities of the GNU Operating System. Official GNU software
GNU cpio GNU cpio is an archiver program that handles cpio and tar archives. Official GNU software
GNU Crypto GNU Crypto aims at providing free, versatile, high-quality, and provably correct implementations of cryptographic primitives and tools in the Java programming language for use by programmers and end-users. Official GNU software
GNU CSSC GNU CSSC is designed to be a compatible replacement for the traditional Unix SCCS suite. Official GNU software
GNU Datamash GNU Datamash is a command-line program which performs basic numeric,textual and statistical operations on input textual data files. it is designed to be portable and reliable, and aid researchers to easily automate analysis pipelines, without writing c Official GNU software
GNU dbm GNU dbm is a library of database functions that use extensible hashing and works similar to the standard UNIX dbm functions. Official GNU software
GNU ddrescue GNU ddrescue is a data recovery tool for files or block devices (hard discs, cdroms, etc). Official GNU software
GNU dico Modular dictionary server (RFC 2229) and client programs. Official GNU software
GNU diff utilities The GNU diffutils are comprised of diff, diff3, sdiff, and cmp; we hope to add patch and wdiff. Official GNU software
GNU direvent File system event monitor Official GNU software
GNU ed The standard GNU text editor. Official GNU software
GNU EDMA GNU EDMA is an open and modular development environment similar to the Component Object Model or the System Object Model. GNU EDMA allows to use most of the classic OO task (inheritance,virtual method override,..) dynamically . Official GNU software
GNU Enscript GNU Enscript converts ASCII files to PostScript, HTML, or RTF and stores generated output to a file or sends it directly to the printer. It includes features for `pretty-printing' (language-sensitive code highlighting) in several programming languages. Official GNU software
GNU fdisk GNU fdisk is a suite of alternate command-line interfaces to libparted. Official GNU software
GNU Ferret Free Entity Relationship and Reverse Engineering Tool Official GNU software
GNU FM GNU FM is a project to help you keep track of what music you like and share that, with your friends, discover new music, and meet new people who share your taste in music. Official GNU software
GNU Foliot GNU Foliot is a small and easy to use time keeping application. Official GNU software
GNU Font Utilities See the fontutils home page. Official GNU software
GNU FreeDink Free, portable and enhanced version of the Dink Smallwood game engine. Official GNU software
GNU FreeIPMI GNU FreeIPMI - Intelligent Platform Management System: FreeIPMI provides in-band and out-of-band IPMI software based on the IPMI v1.5/2.0 specification. Official GNU software
GNU Freetalk Freetalk is an extensible Jabber client for the console. Official GNU software
GNU G-Golf GNU G-Golf (Gnome: (Guile Object Library for)) Official GNU software
GNU Gama GNU Gama is a package for adjustment of geodetic networks (acronym Gama is formed from words geodesy and mapping). Gama is written in C++ and currently supports only adjustment in a local carthesian coordinate system. Official GNU software
GNU gcal Gcal is a program for calculating and printing calendars. Official GNU software
GNU Generic Security Service Library GSSLib is an implementation of the Generic Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API). Official GNU software
GNU Gengen Gengen (GENerator GENerator) is a tool that, starting from a parameterized text, called template, generates a text generator that can substitute parameters with values. Official GNU software
GNU Gengetopt This program generates a C function that uses getopt_long function to parse the command line options, to validate them and fills a struct. Official GNU software
GNU gettext Deleloper resources for the GNU gettext package Official GNU software
GNU Glean Official GNU software
GNU GLOBAL GLOBAL is a source code tagging system (like ctags/etags) that is compatible with numerous application environments including vi, emacs, less, bash. It supports C, C++, Yacc, Java, PHP4 and assembly. Official GNU software
GNU GLUE Groupware Project The goal of this project is to design and implement a distributed groupware application framework based on Internet protocols. Official GNU software
GNU Go GNU Go is a computer program that plays the game of Go. The aim of the project is to enhance the program. Official GNU software
GNU gradebook Ggradebook is the fully-featured GNU gradebook, an application for tracking student grades for teachers. It uses GTK+ and can optionally be compiled to use GNOME. Official GNU software
GNU Gratuitous ARP Daemon Broadcasts Gratuitous ARPs for a list of MAC address <-> IP address mappings on specified interfaces at regular intervals. Official GNU software
GNU GRUB GRUB is the GRand Unified Bootloader. Official GNU software
GNU Guile-CV GNU Guile-CV a Computer Vision functional programming library for Guile Official GNU software
GNU Guile-RPC An ONC RPC implementation in Scheme for GNU Guile. Official GNU software
GNU Guix GNU Guix is a purely functional package manager and associated software distribution for the GNU system. Official GNU software
GNU gv gv allows viewing and navigation of PostScript and PDF documents on an X display by providing a user interface for the ghostscript interpreter. Official GNU software
GNU gzip GNU gzip does (de)compression of individual files. It was originally written by Jean-loup Gailly and is now maintained by Paul Eggert. Official GNU software
GNU HaliFAX This projet aims at writing a complete client-suite of applications for common fax systems such as HylaFAX, efax or mgetty+sendfax. The emphasis will be made on ease of use and our first target is the HylaFAX system. It will be made of 3 main compone Official GNU software
GNU Health GNU Health is the Libre digital health ecosytem. A free/libre project for individuals, health practitioners, health institutions and governments. It provides the functionality of Personal Health Record (PHR), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Hospital Mana Official GNU software
GNU HTML-Info Official GNU software
GNU Hyperbole An open, efficient, programmable information management and hypertext system for GNU Emacs. It is intended for everyday work on any platform supported by Emacs. Official GNU software
GNU indent 'indent' changes the appearance of a C program by inserting or deleting whitespace. It also has options for controlling the alignment of braces and declarations, program indenting, formatting of both C and C++ comments. and other stylistic parameters. Official GNU software
GNU Interactive Tools GNU Interactive Tools (gnuit), a file browser/viewer and process viewer/killer Official GNU software
GNU Internationalized Domain Names Library Libidn is a package for internationalized string handling based on the Stringprep, Punycode, IDNA2003 and TLD specifications. Official GNU software
GNU Jami Jami is a program for universal communication which respects freedoms and privacy of its users. Jami uses distributed hash tables for establishing communication. This avoids keeping centralized registries of users and storing personal data. Official GNU software
GNU Kart GNU Kart is a simple racing game for GNU. It uses OpenGL and SDL for graphics and features GNU characters. It's aim will be extensibility so that a general kind of racing game can be made, with any kinds of features. Official GNU software
GNU kopi GNU kopi is a development framework for interactive database applications. It is based on Java, Swing and JDBC. It allows the rapid development of forms and reports. Official GNU software
GNU Leg Libraries and Engines for Games. Currently going through some heavy maintenance. Official GNU software
GNU libavl Library written as literate program for manipulation of binary trees and balanced binary trees. Official GNU software
GNU libdbh GNU Libdbh is a small library to create and manage 64-bit disk based hash tables. Official GNU software
GNU libextractor libextractor is a library used to extract meta-data from files of arbitrary type. Official GNU software
GNU libmicrohttpd GNU libmicrohttpd is a small C library that makes it easy to run an HTTP server as part of another application. Official GNU software
GNU Libtasn1 Tiny ASN.1 library. Official GNU software
GNU Libtool GNU Libtool hides the complexity of using shared libraries behind a consistent, portable interface. GNU Libtool ships with GNU libltdl, which hides the complexity of loading dynamic runtime libraries (modules) behind a consistent, portable interface. Official GNU software
GNU libunistring A library for manipulation of Unicode strings and for manipulation of C strings according to the Unicode standard. Official GNU software
GNU lightning A retargetable library for run-time code generation. Official GNU software
GNU LilyPond Music Typesetter The GNU project Music Typesetter Official GNU software
GNU Linear Programming Kit GLPK is a callable library in ANSI C intended for solving large scale linear programming (LP), mixed integer programming (MIP), and other related problems. Official GNU software
GNU M4 GNU M4 is an implementation of the traditional Unix macro processor. Official GNU software
GNU Mailman Mailman is the GNU mailing list manager. Most of the project artifacts are currently kept at the Mailman project on SourceForge. This project is currently used only to maintain the project web pages on Official GNU software
GNU Mailutils GNU Mailutils is a rich and powerful protocol-independent mail framework. It contains a series of useful mail libraries, clients, and servers. These are the primary mail utilities for the GNU system. Official GNU software
GNU Mcron 100% Vixie cron replacement written in pure Guile. As well as Vixie-style configuration files, mcron also accepts files written in scheme for infinite flexibility in specifying when jobs should run. Official GNU software
GNU MediaGoblin Official GNU software
GNU Mes GNU Mes aims to help create full source bootstrapping for GNU/Linux systems such as GuixSD. It features a mutual self-hosting Scheme interpreter written in a simple C, and a Nyacc-based C compiler written in GNU Guile-compatible Sc Official GNU software
GNU Metadata Exchange Utilities The GNU Metadata Exchange Utilities comprise a package for retrieving metadata from servers, writing it to databases, querying the databases, and representing the results in human-readable form. It is intended that the package be extended so that it can b Official GNU software
GNU Midnight Commander GNU Midnight Commander is a text-mode full-screen file manager. Official GNU software
GNU mifluz A thread safe C++ library to manage and search full text indexes. Can be linked to C programs, statically or dynamically. Official GNU software
GNU Miscellaneous Files This is a collection of files not of crucial importance for system administration or operation, but which have come to be common; for example, country codes, telephone codes, airport codes, and so on. Official GNU software
GNU MIX Development Kit MDK provides tools for developing and executing, in a MIX virtual machine, MIXAL programs. The MIX is Donald Knuth's mythical computer (described in the first volume of TAOCP), which is programmed using MIXAL, the MIX assembly language. Official GNU software
GNU MP3 Streaming Server A portable perl based server for streaming audio and movies. Official GNU software
GNU Multi-Precision Rational Interval Arithmetic Library GNU MPRIA is intended to be a portable mathematical library written in C for Multi-Precision Rational Interval Arithmetic computations. Official GNU software
GNU nano GNU nano is a GPLed clone of the Pico text editor. It aims to emulate Pico as closely as possible, while adding several extra features. Official GNU software
GNU Nano-Archimedes Official GNU software
GNU Network Group Official GNU software
GNU Networking Utilities The GNU Networking Utilities are the common networking utilities, clients and servers of the GNU Operating System. Official GNU software
GNU Octave GNU Octave is a high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations. It provides a convenient command line interface for solving linear and nonlinear problems numerically. Official GNU software
GNU Optical design and simulation library Goptical is a C++ optical design and simulation library. Goptical is free software and is part of the GNU project. Official GNU software
GNU OrgaDoc OrgaDoc has been designed to easily copy and maintain a pool of documents between computers. You can synchronise your documents pool with rsync or unison. You don't need to install a database server (like MySql or PostgreSql). Official GNU software
GNU Paint A small, easy-to-use paint program for the GNU Desktop, GNOME. A port of xpaint to the GNOME environment, with a GNOME interface. Official GNU software
GNU Parallel GNU *parallel* is a shell tool for executing jobs in parallel. A job is typically a single command or a small script that has to be run for each of the lines in the input. The typical input is a list of files, a list of hosts, a list of users, or a list Official GNU software
GNU Parted GNU Parted is a program for creating and manipulating partition tables. Official GNU software
GNU patch Patch takes a patch file containing a difference listing produced by the diff program and applies those differences to one or more original files, producing patched versions. Official GNU software
GNU paxutils GNU paxutils is a collection of archive utilities. Official GNU software
GNU Pem GNU Personal Expenses Manager Official GNU software
GNU polyxmass This project aims at giving a Free User a mass spectrometric framework for predicting/analyzing mass data for any polymer sequence of any polymer chemistry type. Official GNU software
GNU Press non-technical books Official GNU software
GNU Prolog Official GNU software
GNU Prolog for Java Java library for embedding Prolog. LGPLv3+. Official GNU software
GNU Pth Official GNU software
GNU Radio A collection of tools and processing blocks that allows the user to create software-defined radios with their computers. Official GNU software
GNU radius GNU radius is a server for remote user authentication and accounting and a set of accompanying utilities. Official GNU software
GNU RCS The GNU Revision Control System is a set of programs that manages multiple revisions of a file (or set of files, with some scripting). Official GNU software
GNU recutils Tools and libraries to access human-editable databases stored in text files supporting data integrity. Official GNU software
GNU remotecontrol GNU remotecontrol is a web application serving as a management tool for multiple IP enabled HVAC thermostats (device), and other Building Automation devices. The purpose of GNU remotecontrol is to read from and write to multiple IP enabled thermostats. Official GNU software
GNU Robots Program robots in scheme/guile to explore a maze and collect things to survive as long as possible. Official GNU software
GNU Rush A restricted user shell for remote access. Official GNU software
GNU Scientific Library The GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is a modern numerical library for C and C++ programmers. Official GNU software
GNU Screen Screen is a text console window manager that generates virtual terminals (PTYs) for interactive processes. A scrollback history buffer allows copy&paste, a detach feature saves your session for later reconnect. Official GNU software
GNU sed Official GNU software
GNU Serveez Serveez is a server framework. It provides routines and help for implementing IPv4 based servers (currently TCP, UDP and ICMP). The application demonstrates various aspects of advanced network programming in a portable manner. Official GNU software
GNU Shishi - a Kerberos 5 implementation Shishi is an implementation of the Kerberos 5 network authentication system, as specified in RFC 4120. Shishi can be used to authenticate users in distributed systems. Official GNU software
GNU shmm shared memory manager shmm (for shared memory manager) is a software which permit to control, analyze, modify all shared memory in use on your system. Official GNU software
GNU shogi The GNU Shogi engine Official GNU software
GNU shtool GNU shtool is a compilation of small but very stable and portable shell scripts into a single shell tool. All ingredients were in successful use over many years in various free software projects. The compiled shtool program is intended to be used inside Official GNU software
GNU Simple Authentication and Security Layer GNU SASL is an implementation of the Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) framework and a few common SASL mechanisms. SASL is used by network servers (e.g., IMAP, SMTP, XMPP) to request authentication from clients, and in clients to authenti Official GNU software
GNU SIP Witch Peer-to-peer media capable SIP telephone server Official GNU software
Gnu Slip API supporting C++ development of complex graphs and trees. Allows list cells to be used as atomic objects in calculations, functions, and operations. Official GNU software
GNU Smalltalk A full implementation of ANSI Smalltalk, including a graphic class browser, a high performance virtual machine, and several class libraries. Official GNU software
GNU social GNU social is a social networking project, written in PHP. Official GNU software
GNU Solfege GNU Solfege is *free* eartraining software written in python. The program is designed to be easily extended with lessonfiles (data files), so the user can create new exercises. Official GNU software
GNU Source Release Collection The goal of this project is to make regular tested releases of all GNU, gnustep, gnome packages (and more). Official GNU software
GNU source-highlight This program, given a source file, produces a document with syntax highlighting. Official GNU software
GNU SpaceChart GNU SpaceChart is a program that allows you to see the stars in glorious 3D and rotate them to see them from any point of view. Official GNU software
GNU spell A spell checking program which prints each misspelled word on a line of its own. Official GNU software
GNU stalkerfs GNU stalkerfs is a desktop search engine providing its user interface via a virtual filesystem. Official GNU software
GNU Stow GNU Stow is a symlink farm manager which takes distinct packages of software and/or data located in separate directories on the filesystem, and makes them appear to be installed in the same place. Official GNU software
GNU Superoptimizer The superoptimizer is a function sequence generator that uses an exhaustive generate-and-test approach to finding the shortest instruction sequence for a given function. Official GNU software
GNU Sysutils This is a collection of utilities for sysadmins and distribution maintainers Official GNU software
GNU Taler Taler is an electronic payment system providing the ability to pay anonymously using digital cash. Taler consists of a network protocol definition (using a RESTful API over HTTP), a Mint (which creates digital coins), a Wallet (which allows customers Official GNU software
GNU tar GNU Tar is an archiver program. It is used to create and manipulate files that are actually collections of many other files; the program provides users with an organized and systematic method of controlling a large amount of data. Official GNU software
GNU Teseq GNU Teseq is a tool for analyzing files that contain control characters and terminal control sequences, by printing these control sequences and their meanings in readable English. Official GNU software
GNU TeXmacs GNU TeXmacs is a free wysiwyw (what you see is what you want) editing platform with special features for scientists. Official GNU software
GNU Time GNU Time is a program that measures many of the CPU and memory resources that other programs use. Its output can be formatted using a printf-style format string. Official GNU software
GNU troff The groff (GNU Troff) software is a typesetting package which reads plain text mixed with formatting commands and produces formatted output. Groff now supports HTML. Official GNU software
GNU Trueprint GNU Trueprint takes C source files and other text files and prints them on postscript printers. Official GNU software
GNU Typist GNU Typist is a universal typing tutor for which tutorials can easily be written. Official GNU software
GNU VCDImager (Super) Video CD formatting/pre-master/extraction tool. Official GNU software
GNU Virtual Private Ethernet GVPE creates a virtual ethernet network with multiple nodes using a variety of transport protocols. Participating nodes do not need to trust each other. Official GNU software
GNU Web Translation Coordination Organizational and technical group for translators. Official GNU software
GNU WebSocket4J Official GNU software
GNU Wget GNU wget is a non-interactive command-line tool for retrieving files using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP. It may easily be called from scripts, cron jobs, terminals without X support, etc. Official GNU software
GNU which GNU which - is a utility that is used to find which executable (or alias or shell function) is executed when entered on the shell prompt. Official GNU software
GNU womb A collective repository for random code that isn't ready to become a separate GNU project, or intends to be merged with an already existing GNU project. Official GNU software
GNU Xml Applicable Tools Xmlat aims to be the new XML tools for GNU operating system. Besides the old feature of GNU SXML, it will contains more new features for convenient XML processing, and provides conversion between XML and other format like json/YAML etc. Official GNU software
GNU xorriso xorriso creates, loads, manipulates, and writes ISO 9660 filesystem images with Rock Ridge extensions. It copies files into and out of such images and burns images as first or further sessions onto CD, DVD or BD media. Official GNU software
GNU Zile (Zile is Lossy Emacs) Zile is in maintenance mode, making occasional releases to fix newly discovered bugs. Official GNU software
gnu-pw-mgr Securely manage passwords without a master password Official GNU software
GNU/Archimedes GNU Archimedes is a tool for development of semiconductor devices, incorporating some intensive mathematics. Official GNU software
GNU/consensus GNU/consensus is an umbrella project to facilitate coordination of free software social networking projects to encourage freedom, privacy, public space, and decentralization. Official GNU software
GnuAE GNU Alternate Energy System Designer Official GNU software
GNUbatch Advanced Batch Scheduler with arbitrarily complicated dependencies including across networks. Official GNU software
gnubg GNU Backgammon (gnubg) plays and analyses backgammon games and matches. Official GNU software
GNUbik GNUbik is a one player game which renders a 3D cube similar to a `Rubik Cube' and allows you to (attempt to) solve it. Official GNU software
GnuCOBOL (formerly OpenCOBOL) GnuCOBOL is a free, modern COBOL compiler. It implements a substantial part of COBOL 85, 2002, 2014 and X/Open COBOL standards and many extensions from other COBOL compilers. It translates COBOL into C and compiles the code using a native C compiler. Official GNU software
GnuDOS A library to introduce new users to the GNU system Official GNU software
GNUjump GNUjump is a simple game where your goal is to keep jumping to upper falling platforms in order to avoid touching the lower part of the screen. Despite being written from scratch, it is inspired by Xjump and tries to emulate its game logic accurately, as Official GNU software
gnulib - GNU portability library This is a collection of many files that GNU and other free software projects can use to achieve cross platform portability, and reduce code duplication. There is no distribution tarball; developers should just grab source files from the repository. Official GNU software
gnumed We are aiming for a comprehensive scalable software solution for electronic medical practice with emphasis on privacy protection, secure patient centric record sharing, decision support and ease of use. Official GNU software
GNUnet GNUnet is a framework for secure peer-to-peer networking that does not use any centralized or otherwise trusted services. Our high-level goal is to provide a strong free software foundation for a global network that provides security and privacy. Official GNU software
GNUnited Nations Software for maintaining translations. Official GNU software
GNUpod GNUpod is a collection of tools which allow you to use your iPod under GNU/Linux and other UNIX- like operating systems. Official GNU software
gnuschool gnuschool is a web application. ***Educators can: create, edit, and search for tests*** ***Principals can: search for attendance, and class-cut records*** ***Students can: take tests online and get Official GNU software
GNUsound Official GNU software
GNUspool Advanced spooling system for GNU/Linux and various UNIX-based systems with a variety of interfaces. Official GNU software
GNUstep An object-oriented development environment consisting of everything from foundation classes, such as dictionaries and arrays, to GUI interface classes such as windows, sliders, buttons, etc. Official GNU software
GnuTLS GnuTLS implements the SSL/TLS protocol for the GNU system. Official GNU software
GNUtrition GNUtrition is free nutrition analysis software written for the GNU operating system. Official GNU software
GNUzilla GNUzilla is the overall name for GNU's version of Mozilla software. Official GNU software
gperf Perfect hash function generator. Official GNU software
grep Grep searches one or more input files for lines containing a match to a specified pattern. By default, grep prints the matching lines. Official GNU software
GSEGrafix GSEGrafix is a GNOME application which uses an anti-aliased GNOME canvas for creating scientific and engineering plots. Official GNU software
GTick - The Metronome GTick is a metronome application written for UN*X like systems supporting different meters (2/4, 3/4, 4/4) and speeds ranging from 30 to 250 bpm. It utilizes GTK+ and OSS (or ALSA). Official GNU software
Guile Guile is Project GNU's extension language library. GNU Guile is an interpreter for Scheme, packaged as a library that you can link into your applications to give them their own scripting language. Official GNU software
guile-debbugs Guile bindings for the Debbugs bug tracker Official GNU software
guile-gnome Official GNU software
guile-ncurses This is a library for the Guile Scheme interpreter that provides functions for creating text user interfaces. Official GNU software
Guile-OpenGL An OpenGL interface for Guile. Official GNU software
Guile-SDL This directory contains Guile-SDL, a set of modules that provide bindings for SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) to enable Guile programmers to do all the nice things you can do with SDL. Official GNU software
Guix Workflow Language The Guix Workflow Language (GWL) provides an extension to GNU Guix's declarative language for package management to automate the execution of programs in scientific workflows. The GWL can use process engines to integrate with various computing environmen Official GNU software
Gurgle Report Generator The GURGLE program reads record and field information from a dBase3+ file, delimited ascii text file or from an SQL query to a RDBMS and produces a report listing. Official GNU software
gxmessage Gxmessage is an xmessage clone for GTK based desktops. Official GNU software
hello - GNU greeting package The GNU hello package serves as an example of GNU package distribution and code. It also prints a nice greeting in a variety of languages. Official GNU software
idutils An "ID database" is a binary file containing a list of file names, a list of tokens, and a sparse matrix indicating which tokens appear in which files. Official GNU software
iGNUit iGNUit is a memorization aid based on the Leitner flashcard system. Official GNU software
InklingReader This project is an attempt to create a GNU/Linux-friendly version of the Wacom Inkling SketchManager. Instead of integrating with proprietary programs, this program aims to be compatible with free software alternatives like Inkscape. Official GNU software
JACAL symbolic mathematics program JACAL is an interactive symbolic mathematics program. Official GNU software
Java Expressions Library Official GNU software
Java Training Wheels I have created a new programming language called Java Training Wheels (J.T.W.). The Java Training Wheels language is powered by a pre-processor that adds features not found in the Java language. Official GNU software
jwhois Command line interface utility for WHOIS. Official GNU software
Kawa Kawa is an environment for Scheme and other languages which incldues a compiler that produced Java bytecodes. Official GNU software
Liberty Eiffel Liberty Eiffel, the GNU Eiffel Compiler --- the successor of SmartEiffel Official GNU software
libffcall - foreign function call libraries This is a library which can be used to build foreign function call interfaces in embedded interpreters. Official GNU software
libiconv character set conversion library Official GNU software
libjit Just-In-Time compiler library. Official GNU software
libmatheval GNU libmatheval is a library for evaluating mathematical expressions. Official GNU software
LibreDWG LibreDWG is a free (as in freedom) library written in C to perform reading and writing of DWG files. It aims to be a free replacement for the OpenDWG libraries. LibreDWG was part of FSF's high priority projects list. Official GNU software
LibreJS Official GNU software
libsigsegv library for handling page faults Official GNU software
Liquid War 6 Liquid War 6 is a unique multiplayer wargame. It is a complete rewrite of Liquid War 5. Official GNU software
M <MetaHTML> [Searching for volunteers back-end proffesionals] If you're interested, please take email Official GNU software
MAC Changer GNU/Linux utility for viewing/manipulating the MAC address of network interfaces Official GNU software
make Make is a tool which controls the generation of executables and other non-source files of a program from the program's source files. Official GNU software
Maverik MAVERIK has a new maintainer. Official GNU software
MCSim simulation sofware MCSim is a simulation package which allows you to design your own models (eventually dynamic, via ordinary differential equations) and to perform simple simulations, Monte Carlo (stochastic) simulations, or Bayesian statistical inference through Markov C Official GNU software
MemPool library Official GNU software
MetaLogic Inference GNU MLI, the MetaLogic Inference program, analyzes and finds proofs of logical and mathematical statements, starting at the metamathematical level. MLI supports unification branching, substitutions with conditions, and breadth-first proof tree searches. Official GNU software
MIT/GNU Scheme MIT/GNU Scheme is an implementation of the Scheme programming language. Official GNU software
Moe Editor Moe is a console text editor for ISO-8859 and ASCII character encodings. Official GNU software
Motti GNU Motti is a simple multiplayer, networked strategy game. Official GNU software
mtools Official GNU software
Nana GNU Nana provides for Design by Contract in C and C++. Official GNU software
ncurses Official GNU software
Occhiolino - The GNU LIMS GNU LIMS : The Free Laboratory Information Management System Official GNU software
Ocrad - The GNU OCR Ocrad is an OCR program based on feature extraction. It reads a bitmap image in pbm or pgm formats and outputs text in byte (8-bit) or UTF-8 formats. Ocrad also includes a layout analyser. Official GNU software
oleo oleo is looking for a maintainer. If you're interested, please see the information and contact address on the oleo home page. Oleo is a light-weight spreadsheet that'll work in almost any environment. Oleo features text mode and a GUI. Integrates wit Official GNU software
pexec Official GNU software
phpGrabComics phpGrabComics is a program to grab and save comic strips from web. phpGrabComics is a program to grab and save comic strips from web. It supports more than 200 comic strips, and it is very easy to implement new modules. Some of the supported sites are Dil Official GNU software
poke The extensible editor for binary data. Official GNU software
PowerGuru PowerGuru is a program for monitoring, data logging and controlling your Xantrex (Trace) and Outback Power Systems inverters and charge controllers. Official GNU software
Proxyknife Proxyknife -- customizable proxy hunter Official GNU software
PSPP A program for statistical analysis of sampled data. Official GNU software
Psychosynth The Psychosynth project aims to create an interactive modular soft-synth inspired by the ideas of the Reactable. We will try to provide a clean object oriented API to allow the creation of new innovative interfaces for the synthetizer and a 3D simulat Official GNU software
PythonWebkit Official GNU software
Qexo Official GNU software
Queue Decommissioned; see GNU Parallel. Scheduling, resource allocation, load-balancing, and remote execution facilities to manage distributed computation on dedicated homogenous computer clusters. Official GNU software
Quickthreads Official GNU software
Ring Ring is free software for universal communication which respects freedoms and privacy of its users. Ring uses distributed hash tables for establishing communication. This avoids keeping centralized registries of users and storing personal data. Official GNU software
Role Playing Game Engine RPGE is a GNU package, providing an engine for two-dimensional graphical roleplaying games, aiming for as much extensibility as possible (through GUILE), while attempting to retain speed and power. Official GNU software
Rot[t]log The GNU log management utility. Official GNU software
Sather GNU Sather is an object-oriented programming language designed to be simple, efficient and safe. It aims to be appropriate for use in teaching, research, and industry. Official GNU software
SCM Scheme Implementation SCM is a Scheme implementation conforming to Revised5 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme and the IEEE P1178 specification. Scm is written in C and runs under Amiga, Atari-ST, MacOS, MS-DOS, OS/2, NOS/VE, Unicos, VMS, Unix and similar systems. Official GNU software
Shell Archive Utilities shar/unshar and uuencode/uudecode utilities Official GNU software
SLIB Scheme Library SLIB is a portable scheme library providing compatibility and utility functions for standard Scheme implementations. Official GNU software
Spread Sheet Widget Spread Sheet Widget for Gtk+ Official GNU software
SQLtutor Interactive web based tool for learning SQL by examples Official GNU software
STUMP STUMP (Secure Team-based Usenet Moderation Program) is a robomoderator for Usenet newsgroups. Official GNU software
swbis - Extensions to POSIX packaging The swbis project is a from-scratch implementation of the POSIX spec ISO/IEC 15068-2:1999 with extensions for package authentication and tools for creation of signed source tar archives. Official GNU software
Taylor uucp Taylor uucp is a free implementation of UUCP and is the standard UUCP used on the GNU system. Official GNU software
TeX for the Impatient TeX for the Impatient is a ~350 page book on TeX, plain TeX, and Eplain, written by Paul Abrahams, Kathryn Hargreaves, and Karl Berry. Official GNU software
texinfo - GNU documentation system Texinfo is the GNU documentation system. It can produce both on-line information and printed output from a single source. Official GNU software
The GNU Bourne-Again SHell Web pages for Bash, the GNU Bourne-Again Shell Official GNU software
The GNU Hurd The GNU Hurd is the GNU project's replacement for the Unix kernel. Official GNU software
The GNU Readline library Web pages for the GNU Readline library. Official GNU software
The GNU Shepherd The GNU Daemon Shepherd (formerly GNU dmd) is an init system for GNU. Official GNU software
The GNU Telecom Subsystem To deliver scalable telephony solutions for current and next generation telephone networks using free software running on a GNU system. Official GNU software
The OO-Browser The OO-Browser is a multi-windowed, interactive object-oriented class browser similar in use to the well-known Smalltalk browsers. C, C++, Common Lisp and its Object System (CLOS), Eiffel, Java, Objective-C, Python and Smalltalk class browsing are all in Official GNU software
The oSIP library This is the oSIP library. It has been designed to provide the Internet Community a simple way to support the Session Initiation Protocol. SIP is described in the RFC3261 which is available at Official GNU software
The Xlogmaster Xlogmaster is a program that lets you monitor everything that's going on on your system in a very quick and comfortable way. It allows reading of logfiles, devices or running status-gathering programs. Official GNU software
TRAMP (transparent remote file access) This is an Emacs extension similar to Ange-FTP, but where Ange-FTP uses FTP to transfer the files, Tramp uses a shell login. The file transfer itself is either via uuencode or base64 encoding through the shell, or via external programs such as rcp or scp Official GNU software
Unifont A font with a glyph for every visible Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane code point and more, plus utilities Official GNU software
units Official GNU software
unrtf UnRTF is a moderately complicated converter from RTF to other formats, including HTML, LaTeX, text, and troff mm-macros. Converting to HTML, it supports tables, fonts, colors, embedded images, hyperlinks, paragraph alignment among other things. Official GNU software
userv - security boundary tool Using userv, one program can call another without either of them having to trust the other completely. This project is not maintained on Savannah; see the project home page. Official GNU software
V.E.R.A. -- Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms A collection of common and not so common acronyms in the field of computing Official GNU software
vc-dwim vc-dwim is a version-control-agnostic ChangeLog diff and commit tool. vc-chlog is a ChangeLog writing helper tool. Official GNU software
Vmgen Vmgen supports the construction of interpretive systems by generating the code for executing and dealing with virtual machine (VM) instructions from simple descriptions of the VM instructions. Official GNU software
WB B-tree Associative Arrays WB is a disk based, sorted associative array C library. WB has an optional interface to the SCM Scheme implementation which supports SLIB relational databases. Official GNU software
wdiff wdiff provides word-wise comparisons between files. It operates like diff, except it compares words rather than lines. It uses diff as a back end. Official GNU software
WebSTUMP Official GNU software
XBoard XBoard is a graphical user interface for chess (and many chess variations), xiangqi (Chinese chess) and shogi (Japanes chess). It serves as a game editor, a front end for chess engines that run on your machine, and a client for internet chess servers. T Official GNU software
Xnee Xnee can record, distribute and replay X (X11) protocol data. This is useful for automated tests of applications or benchmarking of applications. ...think of it as a robot. Official GNU software

Note that private projects are not shown on this page.

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