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This project is part of the GNU Project.

GNU nano is a small and simple text editor for use in a terminal. Besides basic editing, it supports: undo/redo, syntax highlighting, spell checking, justifying, auto-indentation, bracket matching, interactive search-and-replace (with regular expressions), and the editing of multiple files.

Registration Date: Sat Jan 5 20:23:47 2002
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable


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GNU nano 2.8.2 was released
     posted by bens, Thu May 4 10:12:05 2017 - 0 replies

This version makes the built-in help texts searchable (with ^W). This is useful chiefly in the main help text -- when the user forgot how to scroll without moving the cursor, for example, or how to insert a keystoke verbatim. Apart from that, this release fixes a few small or unlikely bugs.

GNU nano 2.8.0 was released
     posted by bens, Sun Apr 2 10:54:55 2017 - 0 replies

This version of nano changes the way softwrap works: the <Up> and <Down> cursor keys now move through visual rows instead of jumping between logical lines. And nano now makes use of gnulib, to get rid of some custom shims and to avoid the need for new ones. The use of gnulib has increased the size of nano's tarball by some thirty percent, but... in lines of code this is the smallest nano since 2.2.0.

GNU nano 2.7.2 was released
     posted by bens, Wed Dec 14 17:12:58 2016 - 0 replies

After 2.7.1 bringing line numbers, this version brings a word completion feature (bound to Ctrl+] by default) and also fixes a few small bugs. So... there is no need to upgrade, but it won't hurt.

GNU nano 2.7.0 was released
     posted by bens, Mon Sep 5 18:37:53 2016 - 0 replies

The first nano where you can select text by holding Shift together with the movement keys. (This doesn't work on all terminal emulators, but works fine on a Linux consolse, on an xterm, and on a Gnome Terminal. If you have problems on your terminal, maybe you can configure things differently. Otherwise, ask its developers to make those key combos configurable.)

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